Mac OS X


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Hi all,,

I have an old Pentium 3 machine sitting here, so i bought a copy of mac osx, for pittance of ebay. and it won't install, it boots, scans, loads darwin x86

but won't install, it's moaning about the fact it can't find a debuger. Any idea on how to get round this???

all i want to do is play with it.

any help?
If you purchased an Apple Mac OS X DVD (versus an illegal warez'd version) there's no way you're going to get it booting on your Pentium 3.

You can't purchase a version that works on your PIII, you have to download an illegal warez copy from Bittorrent, something which we obviously don't support :smile:

But if you're really interested, Mac OS X-capable hardware is available on eBay for cheap - check it out. You can pay around 80 or 90 bucks for the mobo with the TPM chip embedded and switch that out with your PIII mobo - then you'll be good to go.
Hi XcOM,
tring to load a patched darwing/X86 on a pentium III... hmmm, it is not possible my friend.
Try installing the patched MAC OSX86 (maybe a 10.4.5) into a PIV (SSE2) I think it would works. :sick: