MAC OSX EFI Entry with boot option GraphicsEnabler=YES


I have created a entry MAC OSX Entry with the EFI Option.

I need to supply the boot option GraphicsEnabler=Yes otherwise my mac efi installation crashes.

I can provide this option at boot time by pressing f8 and then manually typing it in. But typing this each time in at every reboot is cumbersome.....

Is there a way to supply this option in the easyBcd programm?

if using neoGrub is the only way to do this, how would the config look for my MAC OSX EfI Installation?
Unfortunately not. EasyBCD really only provides the bare minimum to get OS X booting, and doesn't offer much customization in that area.
sorry to bother you again but my mind is keeps thinking about this topic....
My Macosx installation (which uses an EFI software bootloader) is on a different HDD than the host boot windows 7 system.

I wonder how the autoneogrub.mbr works seems to load efi boot software and than finds my OSX installation on the different HDD....

I wonder if I could somehow manually configure neogrub to do the same and add GraphicsEnabler=Yes as a config option in there?
Or could it be so simple to hexedit autoneogrub.mbr and hack the option somewhere in the mbr?

any hints would be appreciated.. I just don't like to give up....
Yes, the OS X entry is a NeoGrub entry, and you can re-create it with NeoGrub manually; however, you will not be able to accomplish what you want as NeoGrub can only load a file, but once that file is loaded it is loaded in NeoGrub's place, and as such, NeoGrub can't interact with it and write something in its console.