MacBook - install multiple OSes


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Goodevening Computer guru, I have always wanted to learn OSX and wasnt aware of a foolproof way of installing Mac OS on a normal intel machine. Have now got a Macbook, on which i want to install, two different mac os, the tiger and the leaked leopard, plus vista and xp and linux. Have tried using the boot camp bootcamp, but it allows only two partitions. My questions are :

1) how can i have more than two partitions on a macbook?? The mac engineers are no good.

2) i have been able to install vista, but it was a long process, had to first install xp and then upgrade to vista as wasnt able to install vista directly. how can i directly install vista?

3) is easy bcd better than bootcamp and how?

Please assist...

Hi Francis, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

1) Once you've installed Vista, you can install Disk Director 10 in it, and tell it to resize/create your partitions as you like.

2) You can't. People say Microsoft is bad with competition, they have no idea what they are talking about. We've delved through volumes of information on the Vista bootloader, BCD, NTLDR, and the windows boot process, all available online and at no charge. With Apple, we've found 2 documents, neither of which or particularly helpful.

Ask Apple to do something about it, because we can't and MS can't/won't either.

3) EasyBCD does not emulate a BIOS on a MacBook, its only job is to add and remove entries from the Vista bootloader, including Windows, Linux, and OS X (on generic PCs, mostly).