Magic button for easy bcd


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I have a wish for a magic button for easybcd,
when you click it, easybcd would check every partion of every drive for an os and then create neogrub entries for them all.
Very lazy for me to wish for but I just cannot combine my two linux entries into the neogrub menu.
Just a wish.
Hi Mike,

Unfortunately that is not possible because Windows cannot see the contents of your Linux drives.
But there are programs for windows that will read linux partitions, and the windows disk utility can see the disks and partitions.
It can't be impossible can it?
I really need some help with my post on neogrub.
But the problem is this, while there are programs who is to say that the person who wants this has those programs installed? So at that point the feature becomes pointless as it cant be used due to the fact they dont have the software.

So we would have to force users to install more software in order to use this feature.