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Do you have control over which ads appear here.? I've noticed the one in the thumb below appearing on several occasions and it is marked as dangerous by McAfee SiteAdvisor.


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Prob. not, as they're controlled by w/e search engine/provider they're on.

I havent seen that Ad myself as I am also using SiteAdvisor. Did you follow the link to check the site or does the red "x" appear directly next to it?
well he should have control as far as it goes whether he allows them or denies them to put the add
but lets face it anybody who falls for that nowadays should be spammed but i haven't seen that one either
It's flagged red when you go to the site. Can you choose which search engine you have here?
I've never ween that kind of link when the ads are by Google.
I will if it happens again but it seems hit and miss - at the moment I'm getting no ads at all here!

By the way, I see that this site is hosted at Lunarpages....they have a bad rap with SiteAdvisor too.

Mind you it could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time.

I was just surprised to see that particular one as it's usually associated with less reputable websites.
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If SiteAdvisor marks Lunarpages as untrustworthy then that lowers the value of SA in my opinion. Lunarpages is the best webhost I've seen to date in terms of reliability, customer service, and nice people and ideas all around...
Well it's not life and death but I would have thought a yellow warning would have been more appropriate. But that's up to the owner of Lunarpages to dispute directly with SA.

When we tested this site we found links to, which we found to be a distributor of downloads some people consider adware, spyware or other potentially unwanted programs

When you link to multiple download sites it's very easy to be let down by one or more of them from time to time.

How come I'm seeing no ads at all now?


I spoke too soon. I tried signing out and it appeared at the top of this very thread.

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Well my first comment would be about your quote.

When we tested this site we found links to, which we found to be a distributor of downloads some people consider adware, spyware or other potentially unwanted programs

Now this is only some people. It is not the majority and it certianly should not give the site a bad rep cause some people say the site is bad. Some people have come here and said this ia bad site and flamed Guru and myself. Yet this site isnt bad. Just goes to show that some people can ruin a rep for all.



I will say that Mahmoud must have adjusted the Ads cause my urlfilter isnt blocking them anymore. :tongueout: I might update it. But the Ads dont bother me much. I have even clicked a few now.
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Yeah. But i have to view the source of the page and figure out what line it is i have to add to my filter to block it. Not that easy on your site. :tongueout:
SiteAdvisor well mark sites as bad if they have been tested and are linked to bad sites or have no downloads that have been tested, but the site itself may be fine. SiteAdvisor is a good product, it is just important to keep in mind that it is based off user reports and site testing of the most popular sites. Ultimately, it is up to the user to make the decision as to what is safe. SiteAdvisor is just there to make browsing the web safer.
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Yeah, got tired of Linux Penguins and never use Linux. I'm more at home with Windows :grinning:
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They can be. It is always nice to be able to check search results beforehand to know if the sites I'm visiting could be potentially harmful. SA well display little Xs, checkmarks, or exclamations next to the restults you pull up on most major search engines. There are free and paid versions of SA if you're interested and they work in IE and Firefox. The free well simply advise like the name implies while the paid can actually prevent you from loading a harmful webpage.
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ahh once i did a google search and a big red sign came up it read caution opening the following website could be harmful to your computer ...continue? why put it on the search if its harmful
The search engine does it's job... its the responsibility of the user to be aware of thier own browsing habits.