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How can I get rid of these pesky ads.....?

I realise they help the bottom line but can I donate again to get rid of them because they are driving me insane?

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See this thread for instructions on how to disable ads.
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Use Maxthon Peter, I don't see them except in IE or Opera.
No, you don't need to :smile:

Remember when I said I had something in mind with regards to the ads? Well, I've finally done it.

Go to your User CP
And at the bottom of the page, set the "Show Ads" option to "No"

That's all there is to it :smile:


I've just set that option to "No" for everyone with > 1000 posts.
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Use Maxthon Peter, I don't see them except in IE or Opera.

With Opera use the urlfilter.ini file.

Fanboy's AdBlock List

It is a great way to block ads within Opera. I have used this for several years and have not seen ads for some time. Some sites still have them. but all you have to do is view the code of the page, find where the ad is and add it to the filter using notepad. Ad gone.

For IE i have tried IE7Pro with Ie8 and it is a no go. But there is a InPrivate Filter that you can use with IE8 by default to block most ads. It is crossed over from the Ad Block of Firefox to a rule.xml file that IE can read.

IE8 InPrivate filter from adblock plus list -

Here is a older list. I know some sites have more up to date lists that block more ads. There is one that also has a Registry File that you can have IE8 load up using InPrivate Filter mode at all times instead of having to load it up each time you load IE8.

Just some tricks i have found. :wink:
Not a problem. What can i say, i hate ads and have done much research on how to eliminate them. I even found a way to do it in Safari for the most part as well.
Hey I am here for a reason, i think. :tongueout:

Might as well share the tricks i have found.
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