Make GRUB/NeoGRUB load drivers


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First of all i want to say thank you for this great application.
My problem is that i am trying to boot ubuntu of a 16GB SD card. But my Dell M1330 Bios doesnt support boot from SD-card so i have to use a bootloader. But because the bios doesnt support booting from the SD-card when i enter the bootloader the drivers for the card reader hasnt been loaded yet.
So my question is if there is af way that i can use Grub/NeoGrub to load the drivers for my card reader so that i can boot from it?

Boot loaders dont load drivers either. No way to have GRUB or NeoGRUB to do it. Drivers are just about the last thing loaded when a system boots. Not the first.
Drivers are loaded as the OS starts. The bootloader loads the OS.

If grub recognizes the filesystem and the parameters are correct, it should load without any issues. Try googling Ubuntu on SD cards.
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Your motherboard needs to provide the correct API hooks for the drive in question. If the motherboard doesn't see the SD card as a valid boot device during the BIOS POST sequence, the bootloader won't be able to access it.

Long version: The bootloader works on a very low level (and is usually written at least partially in assembly language for this very reason) and relies on the data provided by the BIOS to determine the available drives and call upon them. The bootloader sends information to the drive and expects a response through the known protocols.

If your motherboard doesn't support this kind of behavior, you're out of luck.

Best bet: search for a motherboard BIOS update.
Whats the point of an sd installation anyway? Like Mahmoud explains, it doesn't seem a lot of motherboards have support for booting from SD cards (at least not yet anyway). Having Ubuntu on an SD card isn't really portable at this time.