make USB active partition


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The first time I tried to make a bootable USB stick with Easy USB Creator Lite, I received an error message telling me that I needed to make the USB partition active. The technique to do that is as follows:

1. Open a Command Prompt by typing "WindowsKey + R"
2. Type "diskpart" <enter>
3. Type "list disk" <enter> Note the number under ### for your USB stick.
4. Type "select disk 'X'" <enter> 'X' is the number from step 3.
5. Type "clean" <enter> This deletes all data from the flash drive
6. Type "create partition primary" <enter>
7. Type "select partition 1" <enter>
8. Type "format fs=fat32 quick" <enter> You could also format as "ntfs" but if your system uses UEFI, you must go with "fat32".
9. Type "active" <enter>
10. Type "exit" <enter> to close the window then eject your drive and you are done.


Look for a freeware utility named Bootice available from It is specifically designed to make any USB drive active. Be it flash drive or whatever. I used it very regularly as Windows had a very nasty habit of turning off the boot flag from all USB connected pen drives. Thgis came in handy after creating a multiboot pendrive using Yumi from

This application could fix that so that it would appear in the dropdown bios BootMenu.
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