Make Win10 virtual partition the primary partition

Hi, I created a virtual partition out of the available disk space of my C: drive that is running Windows 7. Now that I like Windows 10 (and have limited space) I would like to remove Windows 7, make Windows 10 the primary OS, and reclaim the Windows 7 partition disk space.....but it doesn't seem like there's a way other than formatting the physical disk and starting over with Windows 10. Does anyone know if EasyBCD can do this without losing data on the Windows 10 virtual partition?


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EasyBCD doesn't have any partition management function.
Windows can only extend its partition forwards, not backwards.
i.e. It cannot dynamically alter the start position of the partition. (It's part of the BCD boot information).
Your only option, if the space you want to use comes before the partition you want to keep, is to use a bootable partition manager to do the job.
Depending on how sophisticated it's BCD management is, you might need a subsequent "startup repair" from the W10 installation media.


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The easiest way I can think of would be to use disk management to shrink your current Windows 7 partition and create a new partition after it, then clone the virtual partition to the new partition, use EasyBCD to add a Windows 10 entry pointing to the new partition, boot into Windows 10, and in disk management delete the Windows 7 partition, then resize the Windows 10 partition to take up the start of the disk.

It'll probably take the good part of the day to finish :smile: