Making dual boot XP & Win7 from images


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I have both the XP and Win7 images, each working fine on its own. I tried to put them together in a single HDD and make them dual boot ...

I loaded XP image onto the HDD, let it run in order to get all updates from SCCM, resize it to a small partition and GHOST it into an image file.

Next, I loaded the Win7 image (which cleaned the entire HDD), I resize the Win7 partition and then use GHOST to reload the XP image back to the free space next to the Win7 partition.

I use EsayBCD to create the multi-boot config, Win7 boots up well without problem, but XP boots up but cannot work properly. What has go wrong.

I have to use the images as they are the "standard" configurations.

Please offer assistance.