Making dualboot but "efi mode"

So I recovered an image with AOMEI backupper to my new pc from my laptop.

The laptop had Dual Boot, Windows 10 and Windows 7. The image I made was just of the physical disk with Windows 10 on it. (Windows 7 was on the other physical disk)
So at first I had the msg "reboot invalid boot device press key" or something

Then I recreated my EFI drive and my Bootloader thingy with bcdboot command.
And here i am with the old image from my laptop on dissimiliar hardware new pc.

So I started Easybcd and it gave me the msg that my machine is currently running in efi mode.
I can't remember seeing this msg on my laptop. Anyway "Secureboot" is disabled and "CSM is enabled"

So shouldn't this msg go away then?
Can I still make a dualboot if I wish?
(Asrock Z390 Pro 4, Samsung 970 evo NVME 1TB)


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If you have a UEFI PC, you won't change the fact that the OS was installed as such by changing BIOS parameters, only by completely reinstalling the OS as a BIOS/MBR build.
You can still dual boot anything that MS will allow to boot through the UEFI W10 bootmgr. (W7 is fine, not so XP or Linux)
EasyBCD and UEFI