making Linux partition bootable?



I'm going to try to set up a multiboot system with Vista and Linux. Vista is already installed and I've cleared space for a Linux partition. Following the EasyBCD documentation I'll let EasyBCD handle the MBR and I'll put GRUB in the bootsector of the Linux partition.

When I create the Linux partition (with parted or cfdisk) there is the option of setting a flag to make the partition a bootable partition. Should I set this flag to make the partition bootable? I read somewhere that Vista will not boot if it sees another non-Windows partition set as bootable so I'm not sure what I should do.

On another subject, is EasyBCD able to handle booting Vista and two different Linux distributions (on two separate Linux partitions)?

Thank you for any help
Hi Toni, welcome to NST.

The bootable flag (aka the active flag) should be kept ticked only for the Vista partition.
EasyBCD (as of 1.5.2 I think) has full support for multiple Linux entries.