Making Vista Repair Disk question


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I am having problems with my Vista 32 bit OS and it was recommended that I make a repair disk from this site. I purchased my laptop pre-loaded with the OS and all I got was recovery disk.

When I start downloading repair disk from this site's link my old Limewire program automatically opens up and the file is being downloaded there. I stopped the download. Would that be a problem? I've been meaning to delete Limewire anyway, should I do that before trying to download the repair disk? Thanks in advance.
LimeWire has recently turned into an ugly thing. I switched over to FrostWire quite some time back. It has the same functionality as LimeWire and is configured the same.

Windows Vista recovery disk links to torrent dowloads:

FrostWire 4.21.1;1

This is a good little app for burning ISO files down to CD or DVD blanks. This is all it does. It’s a little basic but it’s nice and simple to use and it’s free.

Active@ ISO Burner 2.1;1
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