Making win7 bootable before installtion

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I'm replacing the hard drive in my Dell laptop with an SSD
Dell use this system where the actual C: drive has no boot sector, and is the second partition on thier drive - the first being a hidden one with recovery stuff and the BCD stuff, telling it to boot from C: (and presumably identifying C: - you cant copy the dell partition even if you want to :frowning: so no chance of replicating the Dell setup on the new disk. (Wouldn't want to either - stick with standard setup)

I want to create a normal boot disk (one partition). Ive taken a disk image of the c:drive, restored to the single partition on the SSD (mouted as an eSATA) on my desktop) but of course that installation has no BCD etc.

can I now used Easy BCD to put the necessary boot files on there ready to fit it to the laptop and boot up?

The Desktop is running windows XP only - is that an issue? can easy BCD still put a win 7 boot setup on the plugged in drive?

If that won't work, what will?
Please see reply in your other thread, and please don't open multiple threads for the same incident. It's much easier to keep track of all the detail in one place.
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