Manually editing Grub4DOS menu entries?


Can I manually edit the Grub4DOS boot menu? If so, how?

Windows is fine, but the only way I can currently boot into Kubuntu 13.04 is by creating a NeoGrub entry (trying to boot a Linux/BSD entry just halts with a cursor on a blank screen). The NeoGrub option goes through 6 (or so) preconfigured boot entries, trying to find a menu.lst or grub.cfg or something like that. The problem is that each of these options starts with "root (hd-1,-1)", so all these fail, and my only option is to drop to a command line and manually boot via the root/kernel/initrd/boot commands.

So which file do I edit, or how do I save these commands, so I don't have to do this manually every time?


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With legacy grub it was simply a matter of finding menu.lst and making your changes.
Since grub2 you can no longer update grub.cfg (the equivalent file) directly. (Well, you can, but the changes won't persist)
Instead you need to make your changes in a user file which the system will apply to grub.cfg dynamically.
It's been years since I last used Linux so I can't remember the name but you should find everything you need here.
Grub 2 Basics


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You can't really modify the automatic EasyBCD loaders (though it's weird that they're using -1, -1 for the drive!); but you can easily create your own Grub4Dos entry. Just add a new NeoGrub entry and you can configure the menu any way you like.

Can't believe I missed that. NeoGrub entry, Install, Configure, and add the lines I would normally type in grub2 (root (hd0,4), kernel /boot/vmlinuz<version> root=/dev/sda5, initrd /boot/initrd.img<version>, boot)



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Yep, that's the one.

Happy multibooting!