Many questions ..

I burned the ISO image of the Windows Vista Recovery Disk (32b) (120MB) and all that, restarted my computer and pressed F2, I saved my settings (F10), it restarted, then I pressed F8, and selected the "repair computer" option. It seemed to have worked at first, but even after 5 hours, there was that green bar there, loading into fathomless depths. How long does it take?

Oh, and after this, I pressed F2 (for PhoenixBIOS settings), and tried changing boot order, then I saved the configuration settings, it restarted, and said "press any key to reboot from cd / dvd" .. it then loaded the files, but the same problem with it never ending came to be.

I don't have a backup from when I first got my computer, so I can't restore from the "backup and restore wizard", and my system restore points are only a few days old at the most. What could've happened to the very first restore points? How can I access them?
Hi Ogoglio, welcome to NST.
System restore keeps as many points as it can fit in the space available to it. Each time a new one is taken, the oldest one disappears.
Unfortunately Vista doesn't allocate much space and doesn't make it easy (which it is in XP and W7) to change the space allocated.
Is your PC self-built (do you have a Vista DVD) or was it purchased with Vista pre-installed ?
In the latter case, there should be a hidden recovery partition on the HDD to enable a "factory reset", normally accessed with a Function Key (or key combination) at power-up.
If you should eventually resort to reinstalling Vista, or resetting the PC, we can advise on how to rescue your user data first.
I had to manually burn an ISO image of about 120MB which was essentially the Windows Vista Recovery Disc onto a blank disc (but my computer came with Vista preinstalled). I changed the boot order so that way the drive with the disc in it would be first. I then saved the configuration settings, the system restarted, I pressed F8, selected Repair Computer (the disc was in all the while), it loaded files, then it seemed to be doing what it was supposed to be doing, but even after 5 hours, it was still there, that little green progress bar that usually only takes some few seconds to get over at normal startup.

The reason why I wanna restore my computer is because of this Bonjour program that is supposedly essential for iTunes. I cannot install yet I cannot uninstall it either. And iTunes doesn't update because of the lack of this program. Any help with this nitch would be appreciated just as much, and I may not have to restore my computer if this is repaired.
Try using the freeware Revo uninstaller to get rid of your half in/half out software.
I had a similar situation when upgrading AVG7 to AVG8, where it would not install or uninstall, and Revo scrubbed all traces away and allowed a clean install to work.
Interesting CG.
I didn't know that existed, so I just went to get a copy for the toolbox.
Couldn't find it directly, but a bit of a trawl found this download link for a GUI version.
It's useless as an uninstaller, but for when you have conflicting versions of a program installed or when your PC reboots in the middle of an install, it's a miracle.

It's especially useful if you repair install Windows XP. Anything installed after a service pack or certain updates would break and you'd see a million MSI installers every time you try to run a program as it attempts to repair itself. Simply zap the entry and you're set.