Many thanks for the great information!

Mark Phelps

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Wanted to extend my many thanks to you for providing such great products and tutorials.

I had my dual-boot Seven/Vista machine crash over the weekend, and despite running Startup Repair from both a Vista DVD and a Seven DVD, nothing worked!

Then, I came here and found your tutorial on manually repairing the Vista boot loader.

That worked great! Only thing that worked. It's PATHETIC that MS's own Startup Repair doesn't fix startup problems.

Then after being able to boot into Vista again, I installed the latest beta of EasyBCD, used the option to reset the BCD store, and was then able to add a boot for Seven.

Now, for the first time in two days, my machine is back booting again -- and all thanks to your tutorials and EasyBCD.

As said already, many thanks. I was about to trash my hard drive and install everything to a new one when I found your tutorials.
You're most welcome, Mark. Thank you for sharing these kind words and the praise; that's what we're hear for and we just love to hear success stories like yours.

Have a swell day! :smile: