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As promised with thanks to Ron @ McAfee (heavily US oriented - sorry!):

March 22
Today is Saturday, March 22, 2008. This is the 82nd day of the year, with 284 days remaining in 2008.

Fact of the Day: syzygy
Syzygy is the conjunction of any two planets, or stars, or when they are both referred to the same point in the heavens. The meaning is now extended to include both conjunction and opposition of two heavenly bodies, or either of the points at which these take place, especially in the case of the moon with the sun (new and full moon). The plural form is syzygies.

1638 - Religious dissident Anne Hutchinson was expelled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

1765 - Britain enacted the Stamp Act to raise money from the American colonies.

1790 - Thomas Jefferson became the first U.S. Secretary of State.

1894 - Hockey's first Stanley Cup championship game was played, between Montreal and Ottawa.

1895 - Auguste Lumiere and Louis Lumiere showed their first movie to an invited audience in Paris.

1933 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a bill legalizing the sale and possession of beer and wine containing up to 3.2 percent alcohol.

1935 - Persia was renamed Iran.

1960 - The first laser was patented by Arthur Schawlow and Charles Townes.

1990 - A jury in Alaska found former tanker captain Joseph Hazelwood innocent of major charges in connection with the Exxon Valdez oil spill, but convicted him of a minor charge of negligent discharge of oil.
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Interesting... especially that bit syzygy!!!

I assume then that an eclipse (lunar or solar) is a form of syzygy?
Yes CG, eclipses are true syzygies, a normal full or new moon is in fact a "near miss" where the 2 bodies almost (but not quite) occupy the same or opposite points.
When the new moon truly occupies the same space it eclipses the sun, and when the full moon is truly in opposition, the earth eclipses it.
hmm intresing but truth be told i was using only one website i guess i chose the wrong day to diss history from nothing to 9, or 10 major events
Courtesy of BBC home page
1895 Lumiere brothers stage the first public showing of a moving picture by film projection in Paris
1945 League of Arab States is formed with the aim of achieving complete independance from colonial powers.

Ali - CG - Ron!n - I'm surprised it's not a national holiday !
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Terry, if you're referring to the Leage of Arab States thing... well it was a complete and total failure :smile:

It turns out Arabs are very poor at working together and too stuck over the concept of being the supreme rulers on their countries' respective thrones to be worth much when it came to cooperation, etc... Who knew? :lol:

They haven't accomplished anything worth a dime in over 63 years of existence. Considering that's the same amount of time that the United Nations has been around (both were founded in 1945 - the UN being created to replace Wilson's "Leage of Nations"); you can see how in-effective the Arab League has been.

Arab League - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
United Nations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I guess The Arab League can be compared to Woodrow Wilson's Leage of Nations - except the latter was put out of its misery many years ago :wink:
i will try to excel in this so not to look like a fool
Sunday march 23:
  • Easter Sunday
  • Patrick Henry declares "Give me liberty, or give me death!" (1775)
  • In 1743, George Frideric Handel's oratorio "Messiah" had its London premiere. (During the "Hallelujah Chorus," Britain's King George II, who was in attendance, stood up — followed by the entire audience.)
  • In 1792, Joseph Haydn's Symphony No. 94 in G Major (the "Surprise" symphony) was performed publicly for the first time, in London.
  • In 1806, explorers Lewis and Clark, having reached the Pacific coast, began their journey back east.
  • In 1919, Benito Mussolini founded his Fascist political movement in Milan, Italy.
  • In 1933, the German Reichstag adopted the Enabling Act, which effectively granted Adolf Hitler dictatorial powers.
  • In 1956, Pakistan became an Islamic republic.
  • In 1965, America's first two-person space flight began as Gemini 3 blasted off from Cape Kennedy with astronauts Virgil Grissom and John Young aboard for a nearly five-hour flight. (Young had sneaked a corned beef sandwich on board, for which he was later reprimanded.)
  • In 1983, President Reagan first proposed developing technology to intercept incoming enemy missiles — a proposal that came to be known as the Strategic Defense Initiative, as well as "Star Wars."
  • In 1983, Dr. Barney Clark, recipient of a Jarvik permanent artificial heart, died at the University of Utah Medical Center after 112 days with the device.
  • In 2001, Russia's orbiting Mir space station ended its 15-year odyssey with a planned fiery plunge into the South Pacific.
  • Ten years ago: President Clinton hailed "the new face of Africa" as he opened a historic six-nation tour in Ghana. The Supreme Court allowed term limits for state lawmakers. Russian President Boris Yeltsin fired his Cabinet. At the Academy Awards, "Titanic" tied the record by winning 11 Oscars, including best picture, director (James Cameron) and song ("My Heart Will Go On").
  • Five years ago: A U.S. Army maintenance convoy was ambushed in Iraq; 11 soldiers were killed, seven were captured, including Pvt. 1st Class Jessica Lynch, who was rescued on April 1, 2003. A U.S. Air Force helicopter crashed in Afghanistan, killing all six people on board. Grenades exploded at the 101st Airborne command center in Kuwait, killing two officers; a U.S. soldier, Sgt. Hasan Akbar, was later convicted of murder and sentenced to death. At the Academy Awards, "Chicago" won best picture; "The Pianist" won best director for Roman Polanski and best actor for Adrien Brody; Nicole Kidman won best actress for "The Hours."
  • One year ago: The House voted for the first time to clamp a cutoff deadline on the Iraq war, agreeing by a thin margin to pull combat troops out by late 2008. Iranian forces captured 15 British sailors and marines who were searching a merchant ship in the disputed Shatt Al-Arab waterway Persian Gulf; they were held for 13 days. Miss Tennessee Rachel Smith was crowned Miss USA at the pageant in Los Angeles.

okay i must admit i cheated i copied it from the ap
plus ronin what do you mean by even????? a bunch of hairy gorillas would have accomplished more at least they get rid of each others lice
If you guys are going to start a "This Day In History" thread, maybe it should have its own exclusive thread?
that's what i meant when i called the thread march then we make another one for April so that people don't loose interest
1603 - Queen Elizabeth I dies, succeeded by James VI of Scotland (James I of England) uniting the two crowns (that's why we're the UK folks)

1944 "The Great Escape" from Stalag Luft III. (Yes, the same one as portrayed in the movie with Steve McQueen)
Yes sadly. 79 (or 76 - sources differ) escaped, 50 were executed by the Gestapo because Hitler was rather miffed by the scale of the enterprise and thought it might act as discouragement of any further attempt. (200 were actually prepared and in the process of leaving when the escape was discovered, and though the film shows Americans escaping, In truth they had been moved to a different compound shortly before the day of the escape, so though responsible for a lot of preparation, they missed the final act by a stroke of fate)
3 men actually made it home
You can read a first hand account of one of the men here

Apologies in advance Ali, if this turns into a movie thread - It always seeems to be me accidentally diverting subject matter !
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no i actually love when threads change thier personallity it is as cg said the water cooler effect i a really like that movie blame the guy with the hat and package he had to be in a hurry and the trick the gestapo used to see if the inmate lnew english was nice ..." you speek very good french" (in english) and then he replied "thank you"

well back to the topic:
1- feast of Feast of the Annunciation
2-The European Economic Community (ECC) is established by the Treaty of Rome. (1957)
march 26:
Ludwig von Beethoven dies in Vienna, Austria. (1827) Dr. Jonas Salk invents a vaccine to fight polio.
The Eastman Dry Plate and Chemical Company manufactures the first motion picture film. (1885)
march 28:
1- something on a Stick Day Something on a Stick Day celebrates things on a stick. Isn't this just a neat day? We thought you'd agree.
So what comes on a stick? Practically anything. The first thing that comes to mind is popsicles and fudgecicles. Hotdogs are poplar on a stick at campfires. There's also corndogs, and shrimp and many chinese treats. Cocktail wieners and cheese are picked and eaten on a stick(a toothpick).
You can also get just about anything on a stick when receiving food samples at a store or festival.
Celebrate this fun day by serving food for meals and snacks on a stick. The kids will love it. So will you!
BTW: We are glad that today is Something on a Stick Day and not "Something on a Shingle Day!

Origin of "Something on a Stick Day": Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day.

2- Nathaniel Briggs patents the washing machine. (1797)

3-The city of Madrid falls to the forces of Francisco Franco, ending the Spanish Civil War. (1939)

4-Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident occurs in Middletown, Pa. (1979)
March 28 :
Today in History - March 28

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193CE Mar 28, Publius Helvius Pertinax, Roman Emperor (192-93), was assassinated.
(HFA, '96, p.26)(MC, 3/28/02)

1472 Mar 28, Fra Bartolommeo, monk, Florentine Renaissance painter, was born. [see 1475]
(MC, 3/28/02)

1483 Mar 28, Raphael, painter (School of Athens), was born in Urbino, Italy. [see Apr 6]
(MC, 3/28/02)

1503 Mar 28, The 2nd Lithuanian war with Russia (1500-1503) ended with a treaty. Lithuania lost a fourth of its territory.
(LHC, 3/28/03)

1515 Mar 28, Theresa of Avila (d.1582), Teresa de Jesus (St. Theresa), Spanish Carmelite nun, mystic writer, saint, was born. She initiated reforms in the Order. She co-founded with John of the Cross (1542-1591) the Order of Discalced (barefoot) Carmelites. "Untilled ground, however rich, will bring forth thistles and thorns; so also the mind of man." "To wish to act like angels while we are still in this world is nothing but folly."
(CU, 6/87)(WUD, 1994, p.769)(AP, 12/8/97)(AP, 7/5/98)(MC, 3/28/02)

1556 Mar 28, Philip II, Charles V's son, was crowned king of Spain. [see Sep 12]
(MC, 3/28/02)

1652 Mar 28, Samuel Sewall, British colonial merchant and one of the Salem witch trial judges, was born.
(HN, 3/28/01)

1660 Mar 28, Georg Ludwig, German monarch of Hanover, King George I of Great Britain, was born.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1673 Mar 28, Adam Pijnacker (51), Dutch landscape painter, etcher, was buried.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1687 Mar 28, Constantine Huygens (90), diplomat, poet, composer (Bluebottles), died.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1737 Mar 28, Francesco Zanetti, composer, was born.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1766 Mar 28, Joseph Weigl, Austrian composer, conductor (Emmeline), was born.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1774 Mar 28, Britain passed the Coercive Act against Massachusetts. [see May 20]
(HN, 3/28/98)

1797 Mar 28, Nathaniel Briggs of New Hampshire patented a washing machine.
(AP, 3/28/97)

1799 Mar 28, NY state abolished slavery.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1804 Mar 28, Ohio passed law restricting movement of Blacks. [see Jan 5]
(MC, 3/28/02)

1818 Mar 28, Wade Hampton (d.1902), Confederate general, was born.
(HN, 3/28/98)(MC, 3/28/02)
1818 Mar 28, Giuseppe Antonio Capuzzi (62), composer, died.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1821 Mar 28, Greek Independence Day celebrates the liberation of Southern Greece from Turkish domination.
(SFC, 3/28/98, p.A15)

1834 Mar 28, The US Senate voted to censure Pres. Jackson for the removal of federal deposits from the Bank of the United States. The Senate declared that Pres. Andrew Jackson: "in the last executive proceedings in relation to the public revenue, has assumed upon himself authority and power not conferred by the constitution and laws, but in derogation of both."
(AP, 3/28/97)

1837 Mar 28, Felix Mendelssohn married Cecile Jeanrenaud.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1844 Mar 28, Jose Zorilla's "Don Juan Tenorio," premiered in Madrid.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1845 Mar 28, Mexico dropped diplomatic relations with US.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1854 Mar 28, During the Crimean War, Britain and France declared war on Russia.
(AP, 3/28/97)

1859 Mar 28, 1st performance of John Brahms' 1st Serenade for orchestra.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1862 Mar 28, Aristide Briand, premier of France (1909-22), was born.
(HN, 3/28/98)
1862 Mar 28, US Civil War skirmish at Bealeton Station, Virginia.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1864 Mar 28, A group of Copperheads attacked Federal soldiers in Charleston Ill. Five were killed and twenty wounded.
(HN, 3/28/99)

1868 Mar 28, Maxim Gorki, Russian writer, was born. [see Mar 16]
(HN, 3/28/98)

1871 Mar 28, Willem Mengelberg, conductor (NY Philharmonic 1922-30), was born in Utrecht, Neth.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1879 Mar 28, British mounted troops under Colonel Henry Evelyn Wood went up Hlobane Mountain to battle the Zulus—only to be surrounded by a 22,000-man impi (army). Lieutenant Colonel Redvers Buller, received the Victoria Cross for his gallantry during the difficult withdrawal of his troopers from the mountain. Hlobane was the worst rout of British cavalry—and the last Zulu victory—of the Anglo-Zulu War in South Africa.
(HN, 3/12/98)(HN, 3/28/99)

1881 Mar 28, "Greatest Show On Earth" was formed by P.T. Barnum and James A. Bailey. [see 1879 and Mar 16,18, 1881]
(MC, 3/28/02)
1881 Mar 28, Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky (42), composer, died. [see Mar 16]
(MC, 3/28/02)

1885 Mar 28, The Salvation Army was officially organized in the U.S.
(HN, 3/28/98)

1886 Mar 28, Jarosla Novotny, composer, was born.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1890 Mar 28, Paul Whiteman, orchestra leader (Paul Whiteman's TV Teen Club), was born in Denver, Co.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1895 Mar 28, Spencer W. Kimball, 12th Prophet of the Mormon Church, was born.
(HN, 3/28/98)
1895 Mar 28, Major James McCudden, the first RAF pilot to receive the Victoria Cross, was born.
(HN, 3/28/99)

1896 Mar 28, The opera "Andrea Chenier," by Umberto Giordano, premiered in Milan, Italy.
(AP, 3/28/97)

1898 Mar 28, The Supreme Court ruled that a child born in the United States to Chinese immigrants was a U.S. citizen, and therefore could not be deported under the Chinese Exclusion Act.
(AP, 3/28/98)

1903 Mar 28, Rudolf Serkin, pianist (Marlboro School of Music), was born in Eger, Bohemia.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1905 Mar 28, Marlin Perkins, TV host (Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom), was born in Carthage, Mo.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1907 Mar 28, Pavel Ivanovich Blaramberg (65), composer, died.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1908 Mar 28, Automobile owners lobbied Congress, supporting a bill that called for vehicle licensing and federal registration.
(HN, 3/28/98)

1909 Mar 28, Nelson Algren (d.1981, novelist (The Man with the Golden Arm, A Walk on the Wild Side), was born.
(Nelson Algren - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

1910 Mar 28, The first seaplane took off from water at Martinques, France.
(HN, 3/28/98)

1911 Mar 28, M.K. Ciurlionis (b.1875), Lithuanian artist and composer, died.
(LC, 1998, p.12)

1914 Mar 28, Edmund Sixtus Muskie, (Sen-D-Me), US Sec of State (1980), was born.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1917 Mar 28, The Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) was founded, these were Great Britain’s first official service women.
(HN, 3/28/99)
1917 Mar 28, Puccini's "La Rondine," premiered in Monte Carlo.
(MC, 3/28/02)
1917 Mar 28, Jews were expelled from Tel Aviv and Jaffa by Turkish authorities.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1920 Mar 28, Dirk Bogarde, actor (Death in Venice, Servant), was born in London, England.
(MC, 3/28/02)
1920 Mar 28, Thomas Masaryk was elected president of Czechoslovakia.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1921 Mar 28, President Harding named William Howard Taft as chief justice of the U.S. Taft (72), 27th president of the United States (1909-1913), served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1921 until illness forced him to resign in 1930. [see Jun 30]
(AP, 3/8/98)(HN, 3/28/98)(HNQ, 12/10/98)(MC, 3/8/02)

1922 Mar 28, The 1st microfilm device was introduced.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1927 Mar 28, Karl Prohaska (57), composer, died.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1928 Mar 28, Zbigniew Brzezinski, US national security advisor (Carter), was born in Warsaw.
(MC, 3/28/02)
1928 Mar 30, Petaluma farmers shipped 58 carloads of eggs by train to SF. 50,000 cases contained some 18 million eggs.
(Ind, 4/26/03, p.5A)
1928 Mar 28, J.L. Rutledge, Pacific Air Transport pilot, ran out of fuel and parachuted from his plane near Orinda, Ca. The plane crashed nearby and he retrieved the mail and delivered it to the Orinda post office.
(SFC, 3/28/03, p.E8)
1928 Mar 28, Giuseppe Ferrata (63), composer, died.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1929 Mar 28, Frederick Exley, American novelist (A Fan's Notes), was born.
(HN, 3/28/01)

1930 Mar 28, Jerome Isaac Friedman, American physicist, was born. He helped confirm the existence of quarks.
(HN, 3/28/01)
1930 Mar 28, The names of the Turkish cities of Constantinople and Angora were changed to Istanbul and Ankara.
(AP, 3/28/97) (HN, 3/28/98)

1933 Mar 28, Nazis ordered a ban on all Jews in businesses, professions and schools.
(HN, 3/28/98)
1933 Mar 28, German Reichstag conferred dictatorial powers on Hitler.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1935 Mar 28, Goddard used gyroscopes to control a rocket.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1936 Mar 28, Mario Vargas Llosa, Peruvian novelist (Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, Death in the Andes), was born.
(HN, 3/28/01)

1939 Mar 28, Philip Barry's "Philadelphia Story," premiered in NYC.
(MC, 3/28/02)
1939 Mar 28, Clark Gable (d.1960) and Carol Lombard (d.1942) stayed at the Arizona Oatman Hotel for their honeymoon. [see Mar 29]
(SSFC, 6/17/01, p.T8)
1939 Mar 28, The Spanish Civil War ended as Madrid fell to Francisco Franco. He emerged victorious and became head of Fascist Spain ending the Spanish Civil War. France executed more than 100,000 people who had opposed him. In 1982 Dan Richardson wrote "Comintern Army," a historical work on the Spanish Civil War. "The Historical Dictionary of the Spanish Civil War" was published in 1982. In 1991 Burnett Bolloten wrote "The Spanish Civil War." In 2006 Antony Beevor authored “The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War 1936-1936.” This was an update of his 1982 account.
(SFC, 11/12/96, p.A12)(AP, 3/28/97)(HN, 3/28/98)(WSJ, 11/19/96, p.A22)(Econ, 6/24/06, p.97)

1941 Mar 28, Novelist and critic Virginia Woolf (1882-1941), born as Virginia Stephen, died in Lewes, England. She feared a mental breakdown and threw herself into the River Ouse near her home in Sussex. Her body was never found. She was an English novelist, essayist and critic and wrote standing up. In 1997 “Art and Affection, A Life of Virginia Woolf” was published. In 1997 a biography by Hermione Lee was published.
(WUD, 1994, p.1643)(SFC, 6/23/96, zone 1 p.2)(SFEM, 1/12/97, BR p.7)(AP, 3/28/97)(SFEC, 6/22/97, BR p.8)(HN, 3/28/01)
1941 Mar 28, The Italian fleet was routed by the British at the Battle of Matapan.
(HN, 3/28/99)

1942 Mar 28, Samuel Ramey, bass (La Scala, Met Opera), was born in Colby, Kansas.
(MC, 3/28/02)
1942 Mar 28, British naval forces continued the raid on the Nazi-occupied French port of St. Nazaire. British Bomber Command launched an attack on the German city of Lubeck with 234 RAF bombers.
(AP, 3/28/97)(HN, 3/28/98)(MC, 3/28/02)
1942 Mar 28, A British ship, the HMS Capbeltown, a Lend-Lease American destroyer, which was specifically rammed into a German occupied dry-dock in France, exploded, knocking the area out of action for the German battleship Tirpitz.
(HN, 3/28/00)

1943 Mar 28, Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff (70), Russian-born composer, died in Beverly Hills, Calif.
(AP, 3/28/97)

1945 Mar 28, Germany launched the last of the V-2 rockets (buzz bomb) against England.
(HN, 3/28/99)

1949 Mar 28, Sec. of Defense James Forrestal resigned due to a mental breakdown. He was worn out by his futile efforts to bring about the unification of the armed services. He was succeeded by Louis A. Johnson. Johnson proceeded to slash defense expenses. He retired all but 5 aircraft carriers and dismantled the first supercarrier.
(James Forrestal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

1953 Mar 28, In the 7th Tony Awards: Crucible and Wonderful Town won.
(MC, 3/28/02)
1953 Mar 28, Jim Thorpe (b.1887), native American decathlon athlete (Olympics-gold-1912), died in Lomita, California.
(AP, 3/28/02)( Thorpe)

1954 Mar 28, In the 8th Tony Awards: Teahouse of the August Moon and Kismet won
(MC, 3/28/02)

1955 Mar 28, John Marshall Harlan was sworn in to the U.S. Supreme Court.
(HN, 3/28/98)

1958 Mar 28, W.C. Handy (William Christopher, 84), US conductor, composer (St Louis Blues), died.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1959 Mar 28, China dissolved Tibet's government and installed Panchen Lama 11 days after Tibet uprising.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1960 Mar 28, In Glasgow, Scotland, a factory exploded burying 20 fire fighters.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1962 Mar 28, The U.S. Air Force announced research into the use of lasers to intercept missiles and satellites.
(HN, 3/28/98)

1963 Mar 28, Alec A. Templeton (52), composer, pianist (Alec Templeton Time), died.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1964 Mar 28, First pirate radio station began to broadcast off the coast of England. Radio Caroline debuted with a combination of rock music and lively disk jockey who's patter played to a huge audience in Great Britain. British authorities, tried unsuccessfully, to shut down the radio station ship. Radio Caroline had become competition to the staid and usually dull British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). [see Dec 23]
(MC, 3/28/02)

1966 Mar 28, Navy corpsman Robert R. Ingram was shot while with his platoon of marines on a ridge in Quang Ngai province, South Vietnam. He continued providing medical attention to his comrades with multiple wounds to himself. He was awarded a belated Medal of Honor in 1998 due to lost paperwork.
(SFC, 7/11/98, p.A3)

1967 Mar 28, UN Sec. General U Thant made public proposals for peace in Vietnam.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1968 Mar 28, The U.S. lost its first aircraft in Vietnam. An F-111 vanished in a combat mission over North Vietnam. Republic Aircraft's F-105 Thunderchief, better known as the 'Thud,' was the Air Force's war-horse in Vietnam.
(HN, 3/28/98)
1968 Mar 28, In Memphis a riot erupted during a protest march in support of striking sanitation workers led by Martin Luther King. One African-American marcher was killed and King urged calm as National Guard troops are called to Memphis to restore order. King subsequently departed Memphis, but vowed to return on April 4 to attend another march.
(SFC, 12/1/97, p.A3)(MC, 3/28/02)

1969 Mar 28, Dwight D. Eisenhower (b.1890), the 34th president of the US, died at Walter Reed General Hospital in Washington at age 78. In 2002 Carlo D’Este authored "Eisenhower: A Soldier’s Life." In 2007 Kasey S. Pipes authored “Ike’s Final Battle: The Road to Little Rock and the Challenge of Equality.” In 2007 Michael Korda authored “Ike: An American Hero.”
(AP, 3/28/97)(HN, 3/28/98)(WSJ, 7/12/02, p.W12)(WSJ, 3/7/07, p.D7)(SFC, 8/22/07, p.E1)

1970 Mar 28, 1,086 died when 7.4 quake destroyed 254 villages in Gediz, Turkey.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1971 Mar 28, In the 25th Tony Awards: Sleuth & Company won.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1977 Mar 28, In the 49th Academy Awards "Rocky," Peter Finch and Faye Dunaway won.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1978 Mar 28, Laura Beyerly (16) was last seen in the Los Altos, Ca., school parking lot. Her remains were found a year later in the Santa Cruz County hills on property belonging to the uncle of Scott B. Schultz. In 2006 police in Colorado arrested Scott B. Schultz, a boy friend with whom she had broken up. In 2007 Schultz faced just one year in jail in a plea deal.
(SFC, 8/24/06, p.B1)(SFC, 9/2/06, p.B3)(SFC, 6/16/07, p.B1)

1979 Mar 28, America's worst commercial nuclear accident occurred inside the Unit Two reactor at the Three Mile Island plant near Middletown, Pa., almost to meltdown. Thousands living near the plant left the area before the 12-day crisis ended, during which time some radioactive water and gases were released. A combination of mechanical and human factors allowed the Unit 2 reactor to lose cooling water. It cost more than $1 billion and more than a decade to remove the damaged nuclear fuel. A 1997 study indicated increased cancer rates for people living downwind.
(TMC, 1994, p.1979)(SFC, 6/8/96, p.A2)(SFC, 2/24/96, p.A3)(AP, 3/28/97) (HN, 3/28/98)(MC, 3/28/02)
1979 Mar 28, Emmett Kelly (80), circus clown (Weary Willy), died.
(MC, 3/28/02)

1980 Mar 28, Jesse Owens (b.1913), (Oly-gold-36), died.
{Olympics, USA, Black History}
(Jesse Owens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

1982 Mar 28, Voters in El Salvador went to the polls for a constituent assembly election that resulted in victory for the Christian Democrats, led by President Jose Napoleon Duarte.
(AP, 3/28/97)

1984 Mar 28, Zoe, the 1st frozen-embryo child, was born in Melbourne, Australia. Scientists reported the birth 2 weeks later.

1985 Mar 28, Neil Simon's "Biloxi Blues," premiered in NYC.
1985 Mar 28, Marc Chagall (b.1887), Belarus-born French painter, died.
(Marc Chagall Biography)

1986 Mar 28, The U.S. Senate passed a $100 million aid package for the Nicaraguan contras.
(HN, 3/28/98)
1986 Mar 28, Extremist Sikhs killed 13 Hindus in Ludhiana, India.
(India News - Breaking World India News - The New York Times - Narrowed by 'PUNJAB STATE (INDIA)')

1987 Mar 28, Maria Augusta von Trapp (b.1905), one of the Trapp Family Singers, died in Morrisville, Vt. Her life inspired the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical "The Sound of Music".
(AP, 3/28/97)(Maria von Trapp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

1988 Mar 28, Richard Gephardt ended his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, following his third-place finish in the Michigan caucuses.
(AP, 3/28/98)

1989 Mar 28, President Bush sent three high-ranking officials to Alaska to "take a hard look" at the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska's Prince William Sound. '
(AP, 3/28/99)

1990 Mar 28, Jesse Owens (1913-1980) was awarded (posthumously) the Congressional Gold Medal from President George Bush.
(Jesse Owens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
1990 Mar 28, British customs officials announced they had foiled an attempt to supply Iraq with 40 American-made devices for triggering nuclear weapons, following an 18-month investigation by U.S. and British authorities.
(AP, 3/28/00)

1991 Mar 28, Former President Reagan declared his support for the so-called “Brady Bill” requiring a seven-day waiting period for handgun purchases.
(AP, 3/28/01)
1991 Mar 28, Fire seriously damaged the US Embassy in Moscow.
(AP, 3/27/01)
1991 Mar 28, Tens of thousands of supporters of Boris N. Yeltsin marched in Moscow in defiance of President Mikhail S. Gorbachev’s ban on rallies.
(AP, 3/28/01)

1992 Mar 28, Democrats Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown clashed over Brown's flat-tax proposal, with Clinton charging the plan would hurt the poor, and Brown accusing Clinton of inventing "another big lie."
(AP, 3/28/97)

1993 Mar 28, Francisco Garcia Diaz discovered a type II supernova in M81 (NGC 3031).
(AAVSO: The Nova/Supernova Award)
1993 Mar 28, Chinese Premier Li Peng won a second term.
(AP, 3/28/98)
1993 Mar 28, About 10,000 people marched in Dublin, Ireland, to protest an IRA bombing that killed two young boys.
(AP, 3/28/98)
1993 Mar 28, Russian President Boris Yeltsin and his chief political rival, parliament speaker Ruslan Khasbulatov, claimed victory after surviving attempts by the Russian Congress to oust them.
(AP, 3/28/98)

1994 Mar 28, In Johannesburg, South Africa, ANC guards killed more than 50 people in violence that erupted during a march by Zulu nationalists.
(AP, 3/28/99)(WSJ, 3/29/96, p.A-1)
1994 Mar 28, Absurdist playwright Eugene Ionesco died in Paris at age 81.
(AP, 3/28/99)

1995 Mar 28, Loomis guard Rick Price was shot in the head and killed during an armored car robbery in Sonoma, Ca. Bank robber William Crouch was also killed by a second guard and alleged accomplice Joan Carrafa of Glen Ellen was later arrested. She was convicted in 1996 for first degree murder.
(SFC, 5/25/96, p.A16)
1995 Mar 28, In Japan, Mitsubishi Bank and the Bank of Tokyo agreed to a merger to create what was then the world's largest bank.
(AP, 3/28/00)

1996 Mar 28, Congress passed the line-item veto, giving the president power to cut government spending by scrapping specific programs.
(AP, 3/28/97)
1996 Mar 28, The space shuttle Atlantis astronauts said goodbye to the crew of Russia's space station Mir and then flew away, leaving Shannon Lucid behind for a five-month stay in orbit.
(AP, 3/28/97)
1996 Mar 28, Col. Gadhaffi of Libya sent troops to put down unrest in northeastern Libya after a 400 prisoners, many including dissidents and Islamic militants, escaped from prison last week.
(WSJ, 3/28/96,p.A-1)

1997 Mar 28, Robert Pinsky (56) of Boston Univ. was named poet laureate of the United States by the Library of Congress.
(SFC, 3/28/97, p.A7)
1997 Mar 28, A medical examiner revealed that some members of the Heaven's Gate cult who'd committed suicide in a California mansion had also been castrated in apparent pursuit of the group's ideal of androgynous immortality.
(AP, 3/28/98)
1997 Mar 28, The UN Security Council agreed to send a multinational force to Albania to protect the delivery of humanitarian aid.
(SFC, 3/29/97, p.A10)

1998 Mar 28, President Clinton, during his visit to South Africa, went to Soweto, a landmark in the bloody uprising against apartheid, to honor South Africans "who answered the call of conscience" and defeated their country's system of white supremacy.
(AP, 3/28/99)
1998 Mar 28, It was reported that the US government conducted a series of “sub-critical” underground explosions involving radioactive plutonium in a sealed chamber 960 feet below ground at the Los Alamos National Lab.
(SFC, 3/28/98, p.A5)
1998 Mar 28, In France tens of thousands marched in demonstrations against the right-wing National Front, which made gains in recent regional elections.
(SFEC, 3/29/98, p.A12)
1998 Mar 28, In India the Hindu Nationalist BJP won a confidence vote in parliament by a narrow margin, 274-261.
(SFEC, 3/29/98, p.A12)
1998 Mar 28, In Madagascar the locust swarm was reported to have covered an estimated 24 million acres in the south of the country.
(SFC, 3/28/98, p.A5)
1998 Mar 28, In Russia former Prime Minister Victor Chernomyrdin announced his candidacy for the presidential election in 2000.
(SFEC, 3/29/98, p.A12)

1999 Mar 28, Venus Williams beat kid sister Serena 6-1, 4-6, 6-4 to win the Lipton Championships in the first all-sister women's final in 115 years.
(AP, 3/28/00)
1999 Mar 28, An American Stealth F117 Nighthawk is shot down over northern Yugoslavia during the NATO air strikes against Serbs attacking Kosovo.
(HN, 3/28/00)
1999 Mar 28, NATO broadened its attacks on Yugoslavia to target Serb military forces in Kosovo in the fifth straight night of airstrikes. UN officials reported that some 500,000 ethnic Albanians had fled Kosovo. NATO officials raised the possibility of using ground troops in Yugoslavia as low-level strikes against tanks began. It was feared that anger over the war would spill over to Bosnia.
(SFC, 3/29/99, p.A1,10)(AP, 3/28/00)
1999 Mar 28, The Sea Launch Co. successfully fired a Ukrainian and Russian built rocket from their Odyssey, marine based, self-propelled platform.
(SFC, 3/29/99, p.A2)
1999 Mar 28, It was reported that Amnesty Int'l. placed the US on its list of human rights violators on the 1st day of the 1st week of the UN annual meeting on global democratic rights in Geneva.
(SFEC, 3/28/99, p.A25)
1999 Mar 28, In SF the 15-story Verducci Hall of California State Univ. on Lake Merced Drive was blown up. It was to be replaced by a new apartment complex. The building, which opened in 1969, was named after Joe Verducci, a former CSU athletic director, and had been vacant since 1991.
(SFC, 3/17/99, p.A12)(SFC, 3/29/99, p.A1,5)
1999 Mar 28, In Cuba the Baltimore Orioles beat a Cuban baseball all-star team 3:2 in 11 innings. A rematch in Baltimore was scheduled for May 3.
(SFC, 3/29/99, p.A1)
1999 Mar 28, Ethiopia claimed to have killed tens of thousands of Eritrean soldiers since Feb 23. Eritrea made equally high and unconfirmed claims of enemy casualties.
(WSJ, 3/29/99, p.A1)
1999 Mar 28, In Israel hundreds of government and public service workers resumed their nationwide strike against a decision to cap wage increases.
(SFC, 3/29/99, p.A8)
1999 Mar 28, In Japan the exploits of Nasubi, a 23-year-old comedian, came to an end as his producers revealed him naked to a studio audience. For over a year he had been shown on weekly TV, without his knowledge, trying to survive on prizes from magazine competitions. He never won any clothes.
(SFC, 4/1/99, p.E5)
1999 Mar 28, In Paraguay Pres. Raul Cubas resigned and ended a week of political turmoil. Senator Luis Gonzalez Macchi was sworn in as president. Gen'l. Lino Oviedo was granted asylum in Argentina.
(SFC, 3/29/99, p.A9)(SFC, 3/30/99, p.F2)

2000 Mar 28, In a unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court sharply curtailed police power to rely on anonymous tips to stop and search people.
(AP, 3/28/01)
2000 Mar 28, The inflatable boat of a UC Davis research group capsized off the coast of Baja California and at least 3 people died.
(SFC, 3/29/00, p.A1)
2000 Mar 28, In Tennga, Georgia, a freight train collided with a school bus and 2 children were killed with 5 critically injured.
(SFC, 3/29/00, p.A3)
2000 Mar 28, A tornado hit fort Worth, Texas, and 4 people were killed with over 100 injured. It cut a 2-mile swath and inflicted $450 million in damages.
(SFC, 3/29/00, p.A1)(WSJ, 5/6/02, p.A1)
2000 Mar 28, Prof. Adam B. Ulam of Harvard Univ., died at age 77. His 18 books included “Stalin: The Man and His Era” (1973).
(SFC, 4/1/00, p.A26)
2000 Mar 28, Nine of 11 OPEC nations voted to raise oil production by a total of 1.45 million barrels a day.
(SFC, 3/29/00, p.A1)
2000 Mar 28, In Niedersill, Austria, a massive avalanche killed 11 people.
(SFC, 3/29/00, p.A15)
2000 Mar 28, Mohamad Hasan (69), an Indonesian timber tycoon associated with former Pres. Suharto, was arrested for fraud. He had directed the state sanctioned plywood monopoly and controlled a forest mapping company. Hasan received a 6-year sentence and was jailed at Batu prison where he soon organized the inmate obsidian polishing operations.
(WSJ, 3/29/00, p.A19)(WSJ, 8/13/03, p.A1)
2000 Mar 28, Jordan with US intelligence help indicted 28 followers of Osama bin Laden for plotting attacks against American tourists in Dec.
(SFC, 3/29/00, p.A14)
2000 Mar 28, In Rugazi, Uganda, 28 bodies were found under the floor of the home of Dominic Kataribabo, leader of the Movement for the Restoration of Ten Commandments. This brought the total dead to at least 591.
(SFC, 3/29/00, p.A15)

2001 Mar 28, The EU expressed concern over Pres. Bush’s abandonment of the Kyoto Treaty for cutting carbon dioxide emissions.
(WSJ, 3/29/01, p.A1)
2001 Mar 28, The US Senate voted to double the “hard money” contribution limits to candidates and political parties.
(SFC, 3/29/01, p.A1)
2001 Mar 28, A federal appeals court in San Francisco threw out a record $107 million verdict against anti-abortion activists, ruling that a Web site and wanted posters branding abortion doctors “baby butchers” and criminals were protected by the First Amendment.
(AP, 3/28/02)
2001 Mar 28, The authors of a book on the Oklahoma City bombing revealed that during prison interviews, Timothy McVeigh had shown no remorse for what happened, and called the 19 children who died “collateral damage.”
(AP, 3/28/02)
2001 Mar 28, Bosnian Croat soldiers deserted by the hundreds following orders by the self-proclaimed Croat National Assembly led by the nationalist Croat Democratic Union. Many returned after the defense ministry warned that they would forfeit wages and benefits.
(SFC, 3/29/01, p.A12)
2001 Mar 28, Two Israeli teenagers were killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber. Israeli gunships followed up with missile strikes at Arafat’s personal security forces (Force 17) and at least 3 Palestinians were killed.
(SFC, 3/29/01, p.A10)
2001 Mar 28, In Jordan an Arab summit convened. Delegates had already approved a draft resolution for the UN to allow Baghdad to fund the Palestinian uprising.
(WSJ, 3/27/01, p.A17)
2001 Mar 28, Macedonia began final assaults on rebels near the Kosovo border as political talks were set to begin.
(SFC, 3/29/01, p.A10)
2001 Mar 28, In Mexico Zapatistas told the Mexican legislature that the military phase of their struggle was over and that political efforts would take precedence.
(SFC, 3/29/01, p.A1)
2001 Mar 28, Russia’s Pres. Putin replaced his defense and interior ministers. Sergei Ivanov was appointed the new defense minister and Boris Gryzlov the new interior minister.
(SFC, 3/29/01, p.A10)

2002 Mar 28, A US diplomat, reportedly the CIA station chief, was pulled from Belgrade following accusations that he was receiving military secrets.
(WSJ, 3/29/02, p.A1)
2002 Mar 28, Walter Hewlett, a dissident director of Hewlett-Packard Co., claimed HP used corporate assets to entice and coerce certain financial institutions to vote for the merger with Compaq Corp.
(SFC, 3/29/02, p.A1)
2002 Mar 28, US Air Force Staff Sergeant Timothy Woodland was convicted in a Japanese court and sentenced to nearly three years in prison for raping a woman on the southern island of Okinawa.
(AP, 3/28/03)
2002 Mar 28, Matthew J. Bourgeois (35), a Navy Seal from Tallahassee, was killed by a land mine in Kandahar.
(SFC, 3/29/02, p.A9)
2002 Mar 28, A US Navy helicopter crashed on Split Mountain in the Sequoia National Forest and 2 crew members were killed.
(SFC, 3/29/02, p.A5)
2002 Mar 28, In Beirut the Arab League committed to accepting Israel as a neighbor under conditions that included the creation of an independent Palestinian state and Israel’s full withdrawal from war-won lands.
(SFC, 3/29/02, p.A15)(AP, 3/28/03)
2002 Mar 28, A Hamas attack left 4 Israelis dead in a West Bank settlement. Arafat said he was ready to call for a cease-fire.
(WSJ, 3/29/02, p.A1)
2002 Mar 28, In Pakistan police in Faisalabad and Lahore seized over 40 suspects in the Islamabad bombing. At least 2 suspects were killed in Faisalabad. Abu Zubaydah, a top al Qaeda commander, was among those arrested.
(SFC, 3/29/02, p.A10)(SSFC, 3/31/02, p.A17)(SFC, 4/2/02, p.A7)
2002 Mar 28, Pope John Paul II accepted the resignation of Julius Paetz, archbishop of Poznan, Poland, due to a sex scandal and accusations of molesting young seminarians.
(SFC, 3/29/02, p.A7)

2003 Mar 28, In the 10th day of Operation Iraqi Freedom the biggest bombs dropped on Baghdad so far, two 4,700-pound "bunker busters," struck a communications tower. In the south, Iraqi fighters defending the besieged city of Basra fired on hundreds of civilians trying to flee. The British supply ship Sir Galahad docked at the port of Umm Qasr. The Bush administration said fighting might not be over for months. At least 58 people were killed in a crowded market in northwest Baghdad by what local officials called a coalition bombing. A US pilot was heard saying "I'm going to be sick," then "we're in jail, dude," after firing on the British convoy in the southern Iraqi city of Basra. Lance Corporal of Horse Matty Hull was killed by American pilots.
(AP, 3/28/03)(SFC, 3/29/03, p.W1)(AP, 2/6/07)(Econ, 2/10/07, p.58)
2003 Mar 28, Chechen rebels killed six Russian soldiers and two riot police.
(AP, 3/29/03)
2003 Mar 28, In Hong Kong at least 58 more people became sick with symptoms of SARS. 11 Hong Kong deaths were on the disease.
(SFC, 3/29/03, p.A1)
2003 Mar 28, In Jammu-Kashmir suspected Islamic militants attacked and mutilated 5 Kashmiri Muslim villagers, accusing them of being police informants.
(AP, 3/28/03)
2003 Mar 28, Japan's first spy satellites were blasted into orbit, causing an angry North Korea to warn the move could spark an arms race in the region.
(AP, 3/28/03)
2003 Mar 28, The UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend the UN assistance mission in Afghanistan for a year.
(AP, 3/28/03)

2004 Mar 28, Art James (74), TV game show host died in Palm Springs, Calif.
(AP, 3/28/05)
2004 Mar 28, Sir Peter Ustinov (b. Apr 16, 1921), a brilliant wit and mimic who won two Oscars for an acting career that ranged from the evil Nero in "Quo Vadis" to the quirky Agatha Christie detective Hercule Poirot, died at age 82 in Switzerland.
(AP, 3/29/04)
2004 Mar 28, A powerful storm, dubbed Catarina, lashed Brazil's southern coast, damaging thousands of homes, killing two people.
(AP, 3/29/04)
2004 Mar 28, In Kinshasa, Congo, government forces battled attackers at military installations and television headquarters. Diplomats called it a coup attempt against Pres. Joseph Kabila.
(AP, 3/28/04)
2004 Mar 28, France's left-wing opposition bulldozed its way across the country in second-round midterm regional elections, putting pressure on President Jacques Chirac to revamp his Cabinet and perhaps even ditch his prime minister due to widely unpopular economic reforms and rising unemployment.
(AP, 3/28/04)(AP, 3/29/04)
2004 Mar 28, Georgians voted in the country's third election in less than six months. Supporters of President Mikhail Saakashvili swept to victory in Georgia's parliamentary election, according to early results.
(AP, 3/28/04)(AP, 3/29/04)
2004 Mar 28, Guadeloupe's leader conceded defeat in regional elections that pushed her conservative party out of power for the first time in 12 years, a loss seen as public backlash toward moves to win greater autonomy from Paris.
(AP, 3/29/04)
2004 Mar 28, In Iraq US soldiers in the northern city of Mosul shot and killed four rebels suspected of involvement in attacks in the region. Gunmen in Mosul killed 2 British and Canadian electrical engineers. Coalition forces closed Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's newspaper, claiming it incited anti-US violence.
(AP, 3/29/04)(WSJ, 4/1/04, p.A10)(WSJ, 4/19/04, p.A14)
2004 Mar 28, Israel's state attorney officially recommended that PM Ariel Sharon be indicted for bribe-taking.
(AP, 3/28/04)
2004 Mar 28, The Thailand government said violence in the Muslim-dominated south was at a "crucial stage" and pledged tougher measures, after a bombing in the region injured 29 people, including 10 Malaysian tourists.
(AP, 3/28/04)
2004 Mar 28, Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Islamic-rooted party appeared headed for a resounding victory in Turkey's local elections.
(AP, 3/28/04)
2004 Mar 28, Clashes between supporters of Zimbabwe's ruling party and the opposition killed one person and wounded at least 11 during the second day of polling in a parliamentary by-election.
(AP, 3/29/04)
2004 Mar 28-29, In Uzbekistan 2 suicide bombings, attacks on police and an explosion at an terrorist bomb-making factory in Kakhramon killed 19 people and injured 26. The explosion led to 4 days of violence that left at least 47 people dead in including 33 militants.
(AP, 3/29/04)(SSFC, 4/4/04, p.A22)

2005 Mar 28, The Colorado Supreme Court threw out the death penalty in a rape-and-murder case because five of the jurors had consulted the Bible and quoted Scripture during deliberations.
(AP, 3/28/06)
2005 Mar 28, Hank Greenberg, former longtime CEO of American Int’l. Group (AIG), announced his retirement. He was ousted as CEO 2 weeks earlier.
(WSJ, 3/29/05, p.C1)
2005 Mar 28, It was reported that a consortium of 7 private equity firms purchased SunGard Data systems for $11.3 billion in the biggest buyout since 1989.
(Econ, 4/2/05, p.66)
2005 Mar 28, Hu Xiaoliam was appointed the 1st female head of China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE). The regulator will oversee new trading and price quotes in 8 currency pairs through the interbank China foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS).
(Econ, 4/2/05, p.68)
2005 Mar 28, In Haiti gunmen with assault rifles ambushed a group of police in Port-au-Prince, spraying their car with bullets in a bold daylight attack that killed 2 officers and a driver.
(AP, 3/28/05)
2005 Mar 28, An 8.7 earthquake occurred in northern Sumatra, Indonesia, in what technically was considered an aftershock to the Dec 26 quake. At least 330 people were killed in collapsed buildings on Nias Island. No major tsunami followed. The UN raised its toll to 624. The government estimated 400-500 were killed.
(SFC, 3/29/05, p.A1)(AP, 3/31/05)(Econ, 4/2/05, p.37)
2005 Mar 28, In Iraq 3 Romanian journalists and their translator were abducted near their Baghdad hotel. The journalists were freed by US forces on May 22.
(AP, 3/29/05)(SSFC, 10/15/06, p.A20)
2005 Mar 28, Ireland enacted a law outlawing English on road signs and official maps on much of the nation’s western coast, where many people speak Gaelic.
(SFC, 3/29/05, p.A2)
2005 Mar 28, Israeli troops raided the West Bank town of Jenin, carrying out house-to-house searches and arresting eight Palestinians.
(AP, 3/28/05)
2005 Mar 28, It was reported that Japanese consumer prices had fallen in February at their fastest pace in nearly 2 years. Japan’s deflation was now almost 6 years old. The Ministry of Finance said government debt hit a new record high of $7.062 trillion as of the end of Dec.
(WSJ, 3/28/05, p.A14)
2005 Mar 28, Interim leader Kurmanbek Bakiyev recognized Kyrgyzstan's new parliament as legitimate even though it was chosen in disputed elections, a move designed to end a struggle between the rival legislatures.
(AP, 3/28/05)
2005 Mar 28, Tafa Balogun, Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police, was arrested. He was later charged with numerous counts including embezzling $93 million from police funds.
(Econ, 8/20/05, p.37)(Economic and Financial Crimes Commission - EFCC - Home)
2005 Mar 28, In Peshawar, Pakistan, thousands of opposition activists chanted "Death to dictatorship!" in the latest demonstration against Pres. Gen. Pervez Musharraf's grip on power.
(AP, 3/28/05)
2005 Mar 28, Pres. Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian government to draft legal reforms that would close the book on shady privatization deals of the 1990s and streamline tax collection.
(AP, 3/28/05)
2005 Mar 28, Sudanese authorities said they had detained 14 people on suspicion of crimes, including rape and murder, committed in the war-ravaged western region of Darfur.
(AFP, 3/28/05)

2006 Mar 28, President Bush announced that White House chief of staff Andy Card has resigned and will be replaced by budget director Joshua Bolten.
(AP, 3/28/06)
2006 Mar 28, The US Federal Reserve under new chairman Ben Bernanke raised its key federal funds rate by a quarter percentage point to 4.75%.
(SFC, 3/29/06, p.C1)
2006 Mar 28, Caspar W. Weinberger (b.1917), former US defense secretary under Pres. Reagan, died.
(SFC, 3/29/06, p.B9)(Econ, 4/1/06, p.71)
2006 Mar 28, In southern Afghanistan a roadside bomb blew up a vehicle carrying Afghan army soldiers, killing six of them.
(AP, 3/28/06)
2006 Mar 28, Rights advocates said some 20 detained opposition supporters have gone on hunger strike to protest conditions at a Belarusian jail holding 400 opposition supporters, as authorities continued to crackdown on dissent following the disputed March 19 election.
(AP, 3/28/06)
2006 Mar 28, In China new regulations viewed on the Health Ministry's Web site forbade the buying and selling of organs and require that donors give written permission for their organs to be transplanted.
(AP, 3/28/06)
2006 Mar 28, Some 1-3 million protesters poured onto France's streets and absent workers hobbled transport services in the first nationwide strike against a new labor law for youths, increasing pressure on the embattled PM to withdraw the contested measure.
(AP, 3/28/06)(Econ, 4/1/06, p.22)
2006 Mar 28, It was reported that France produced 78% of its electricity from nuclear power.
(WSJ, 3/28/06, p.A1)
2006 Mar 28, The German state of Bavaria announced a ban on the use of cell phones in schools to prevent students from viewing images of pornography and extreme violence.
(AP, 3/28/06)
2006 Mar 28, Three groups of gunmen kidnapped 24 Iraqis from a currency exchange and two electronics stores in Baghdad, while a car bomb exploded south of the capital as police exchanged fire with two suicide bombers at a police station, wounding a dozen people. Two US soldiers were killed and three wounded in two attacks outside Baghdad.
(AP, 3/28/06)(AP, 3/29/06)
2006 Mar 28, Israelis voted in an election billed as a referendum on the future of the West Bank, with the leading candidate, acting PM Ehud Olmert, promising to pull back from most of the territory and draw Israel's final borders by 2010. The Kadima Party won the parliamentary elections. Two Israelis were killed in an explosion in southern Israel near the Gaza Strip border.
(AP, 3/28/06)(AP, 3/28/07)
2006 Mar 28, President Anote Tong of the Republic of Kiribati announced the formation of the world's third-largest marine reserve at the 8th UN conference on the Convention on Biological Diversity under way this week in Brazil.
(Reuters, 3/28/06)
2006 Mar 28, Officials said former Liberian President Charles Taylor disappeared from his Nigerian haven, days after his hosts agreed to transfer him to a war crimes tribunal for the murder, rape and maiming of more than a half-million Africans. Taylor was arrested trying to cross the border into Cameroon. He then was flown back to Liberia.
(AP, 3/28/06)(AP, 3/29/06)
2006 Mar 28, A Mexican judge ordered an Argentine journalist to remove references to one of the first lady's sons in a book that claims he benefited financially from his family's political connections. The book "Cronicas Malditas," or roughly "Accursed Chronicles" (2005), alleged that two of Sahagun's three sons, principally Manuel Bribiesca, had used their connections to get preferential treatment on federal government work contracts during the administration of President Vicente Fox, which began in December 2000.
(AP, 3/28/06)
2006 Mar 28, The Palestinian parliament overwhelming approved the new Hamas Cabinet, setting the stage for the new administration to take office later this week.
(AP, 3/28/06)
2006 Mar 28, In South Korea prosecutors formally arrested the top executive of an affiliate of Hyundai Motor Co. in an investigation into suspicions that South Korea's largest carmaker created slush funds through its 39 subsidiaries for bribery.
(AP, 3/28/06)(WSJ, 4/8/06, p.1)
2006 Mar 28, Spain’s ENCE said it will suspend construction of a controversial pulp mill in Uruguay to allow Argentina and Uruguay to resolved their differences over the environmental impact of the project. In October ENCE announced that it was abandoning the project.
(FT, 3/29/06, p.8)(Econ, 10/7/06, p.46)
2006 Mar 28, In Sudan Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa called on Arab leaders to move toward a goal of "entering the nuclear club" and making use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes. The absence of at least 10 heads of state, including President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, raised concerns of a lackluster summit.
(AP, 3/28/06)
2006 Mar 28, In Sudan Arab leaders promised to fund African soldiers in Darfur from October this year, despite international pressure to allow the United Nations to take over the mission.
(Reuters, 3/28/06)
2006 Mar 28, Thousands of Kurdish protesters rampaged after funerals for 4 Kurdish PKK guerrillas killed by Turkish troops. They hurled firebombs at armored police vehicles and smashed windows at a police station. 2 Kurds were killed and 40 people injured.
(AP, 3/29/06)(Econ, 4/15/06, p.54)
2006 Mar 28, Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko met separately with both his estranged Orange Revolution ally and an old pro-Moscow adversary as he sought to form a coalition after most voters rejected his party in weekend parliamentary elections.
(AP, 3/28/06)

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