Max Payne Movie?


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Shooting has just started of the film adaptation of Max Payne, and a first look at the movie's main character is now available. As usual we are not too excited about the film, as every recent game to film translation has left us sick to our very stomachs, but with some people of quality partaking in the project it has a chance of impressing.


First Look At Mark Wahlberg As Max Payne

OMG :grinning: Isn't this an awesomeness? :lol:
Which game to movie adaptation are they talking about? Hitman?
I personally didnt play Max Payne, isnt it a Godfather video game imitation? But for those who havent heard there is Gears of War movie coming out. Does anybody know if Cole is the same actor who did his voice? "The Mighty Rasta" He probably was the best voice in GOW.
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Nope, Mark Wahlberg (personally, i think he was best in "The Italian Job")
I have heard of Max Payne just never played it. Too bad that must mean im made in china :wink:
i also thought it was matt daemon i thought it was a clip from the bourne series
p.s did you watch them (i watched the 2nd and 3rd loved them)
ps.s i seem to have a habit of doing that did the same thing with blade watched the second and third but not the first