May have to format & reinstall Vista --- AGAIN!


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I had so much trouble trying to get my Motorola Bluetooth dongle and it's associated Widcomm Software/Drivers to install - so that I could use my Moto Bluetooth Headset with my PC for internet phone calls etc. - despite compatibility mode etc. only partial installation happened and right through Windows kept trying to install it's own drivers which I didn't want....anyway.... I uninstalled all that, did a registry cleanup and think that I removed more than just the Widcomm stuff.

Now I can't use my Microsoft Bluetooth dongle at all in Vista, although the system sees it and installs the drivers. When I try to install Intellitype/point 6.1, the software installs then when the bluetooth connection wizard opens up and I try to install either the mouse or keyboard it says it's installing but there are no accompanying balloons appearing on the taskbar. Instead a window asking me to locate the software as Windows can't find it...grrrrr. Needless to say the mouse and keyboard don't work.
At least I have them still OK in XP.
Can't use System Restore - Vista's doesn't exist in a dual-boot with XP as XP wipes it out everytime you boot back into XP.

VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!! :evil: :rage:
I have a fix for the volsnap/systemrestore thingy majig for dual boots between xp and vista - i just never got around to publishing it. It uses EasyBCD + NeoGrub to get things working properly.........

I wish I had, then you could have used system restore :frowning:

Actually, can't you use system restore from Windows XP of the Vista drive? or no?
I could but the XP drive System Restore is set to that volume only. The other fix is to encrypt Vista, but I can't do that until I can persuade Vista to see my flash drive...another story.
I've given up on it. Bitlocker setup wizard kept telling me I didn't have enough disk space...I've got loads! I've fired off a strong comment to my my contact at Microsoft about a possible patch for XP to stop it devouring its young.
In other news, I chickened out and bought a new video card on Vista Experience Rating, or whatever they call that magic number, is now up from 3.1 to 4.2 and my 4gb of memory is now showing the full whack...well almost...3.4gb (before only 2.4 showed).