May I Delete nst_grub.mbr

May I delete the NST folder and the file that is in it - nst_grub.mbr without messing anything up? I do not like files stored off the root.
Hello Ken, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Yeah, I don't like files sitting in the root either - but this one has to.
The only way that you can use EasyBCD to boot into OS X, Linux, BSD, Unix, Solaris, ReactOS, SkyOS, OS/2, EdOS, FreeBSD, and more is if that folder is in the ROOT of the BOOT drive, and contains the chainload files needed.

Short answer: if you boot anything other than Windows via the Vista bootloader configured from EasyBCD, then you can't delete that folder without corrupting your dual-boot.

BTW, it shouldn't exist unless you asked EasyBCD to add you a Linux entry - So I'd assume you *don't* want to delete it :smile: