MBR backup with EasyBCD 1.52


Hi I got a new Acer notebook computer on which Vista came preinstalled and I'm at the point of trying your EasyBCD program for adding Linux, it looks like a nice handy tool. I had a bad experience with Grub on another computer, so I insist on first backing up the exisitng MBR - that's how I stumbled on EasyBCD.

I found the MBR backup in the "Options" menu. But a bit strange: I can not "uncheck" the two options as they are already unchecked every time. Nothing alarming but perhaps indicative of something wrong. :unamused:

OK, so I put checkmarks next to the current MBR and settings and then try to backup them by clicking on the file button. Apparently I must type in a file name and so I do that, and save. Now EasyBRD says that it has done so successfully. But next I look to inspect the files, and nothing is there! :huh:

What went wrong?

Thanks in advance!
Yeah, it seems that it worked with pre-RTM Vista and then didn't any longer... 1.6 will fix that :smile:

OK, bugs happen and I now found another program to save the MBR (and restore it). But how come that it makes such false assurances? What does it check?
If it doesn't really check, please remove the false assurance - change the text from "succesfully" into "Please verify for yourself"! :evil:

Harald :sunglasses:
The method EasyBCD employs *falsely returns* a success code when EasyBCD queries the OS. We have no control over what it returns, we just display what it tells us.

For EasyBCD 1.6 however, we will be manually checking to determine that the MBR was backed up successfully.

Thanks for your concern Harald.
It'll be out soon, complete with a separate restore tool for MBR backups and many automated features :smile:
....more details to follow! :smile:
lol - good thing I have learned some tricks in my days of forum moderation and visitation....

I was getting concerned about the MBR automated backup, and additionally how the recurring backup option remains greyed (I spelled it like that on purpose....) out regardless of the check marks I place - but I see this is an issue that appeared only when moving from pre-RTM to RTM, so I guess I'll wait for the 1.6 version....

Anyhoo, thanks for a *great* piece of software - this is as essential a tool for Vista users as X-Setup was before they went commercial.
Well, the automated system wasn't yet in-place, it just performed single backups. However, that feature broke in the RTM move.

Anyway, in EasyBCD 1.6, all MBR-backup/restore-related functionality has been moved out to EasyMBR, an accompanying (and very nifty!) tool that sits in the taskbar backing up your MBR *and other bootloader stuff* when you want it to - automatically...