MBR, BIOS, CD-ROM help...


I have been looking for some help for a couple of days. I am running a laptop with a Win XP / Linux partition, and resized the Linux partition the other day. When I turned the computer back on, The BIOS shows up normally, and then goes to GRUB 1.5. Then immediately gives me error code 17. I have read that I need to use Recovery Console from the windows XP disk, but for some reason, the BIOS will not let me in to change the boot sequence of the computer. I have tried the manufacturer forums and have had no luck getting in to the BIOS. Without that, I cannot get to anything in the computer, I realize I might have to reformat, but I can't even get in to do that. Any help would be appreciated.
Error 17 means your grub entries are pointing at the wrong disk/partition. Use grub's edit feature at boot time to change x and y in "root (hdx,y)" in your entries until you find the correct location. Edit /boot/grub/menu.lst in linux once you're in with the changes so they stay permanent.
On the grub menu you should see "hit E to enter edit mode" at the bottom. (or some such phrase)
Once you're in the edit mode, change the value in the root as Justin said.
Once you've hit on the correct values (trial and error), and the system boots, while it's booted make the change in menu.lst permanent, to the values you discovered.