MBR boot.ini everything gone


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Watching a movie one day. Hard drive starts clicking. Movie still playing vista still working im a happy camper. I have 3 IDE hard drives. One has windows xp home. One has xp pro, xp media center. And one has vista. The one with xp home originally came with computer and is my main drive. Thats the hard drive that was clicking. Turned computer off for the night. Computer never turned on again.

Error was "Press any key to reboot". Hard drive was still clicking. Unplugged that hard drive and used a boot floppy ( from ntldrmissing.com ). Got xp pro and media center to boot. I know how to make my own boot.ini so im going to do that later but when I use the boot floppy to try to boot into vista my screen stays on but black. Usually after 2-3 seconds windows loading comes up.

My diagnose, my primary c drive has crashed taking the boot.ini file with it and so I cannot boot into vista or xp without the boot floppy. The MBR is gone to because that was on that drive. I tried the repair option under easy bcd diagnostics center but the first option gives me errors and the second option (reset bcd storage) causes crash. I thought that this program could help fix but I dont know how. I also renamed the vista drive to C:\ from admin tools to try to fix.

Every time I load the program it says no valid entries found. When I click on configure boot it crashes or try to add something under add/remove it crashes.

Any fixes?