MBR completely messed up


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I have a Vista/Ubunutu Dual-Boot setup. I used BCD to configure the dual boot. The problem was caused when I formatted a NTFS partition to extend my Ubuntu partition. Apparently, for some reason beyond my comprehension, BCD decided to put the boot data on that partition even though it was labeled "k" and had absolutely nothing to do with Ubuntu or Vista.

So anyways, I tried the Vista recovery disk to fix it. The automatic startup repair didn't work at all and in the command prompt,
Bootrec /fixBoot
bootrec /RebuildBcd
didn't work giving the error "Element Not Found".

bootrec /scanos
does successfully locate my windows installation. Also, the bootrec /fixmbr command did work but didn't change anything.

So yeah, I am really out of ideas on how to fix this problem :tongueout:.