MBR problem: No OS on HD, won't boot to CD

I'll go into more detail about how I got into this predicament if you think you might be able to help and need more info. My machine boots to a Win98 floppy just fine, but I can't use a boot floppy to get it to boot to CD.

I just want to repair the bootloader so that i can put an OS on the hard drive. There's no data there to recover.

A friend recommended Easy BCD and it looks like it would fit nicely on a floppy, but I'm not the most command line savvy person in the world and could do with some help getting started.

The bootloader well get installed when you put an OS on there. EasyBCD isn't a bootable utility (though it may work from floppy on Win98?). Point is EasyBCD can only be used when an existing Vista/Windows 7 installation is already on the drive.