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Anyone else having problems with McAfee?

I got an e-mail today saying that one of my subscriptions had been auto-renewed. Problem is, that paticular account hasnt been used for ages and I've never set it up to auto-renew. It doesn't contain any current payment information either to my knowledge.

Going to thier website, I can't login to the account to see whats up or cancel the transaction. No invalid password message or anything. At first it just kept acting like the login page was loading. Now it don't come up at all.

I haven't followed any of the links in the e-mail, but it appears as the message is legtiimate.

Can anyone confirm having these problems as well? Maybe McAfee's site has been broken into??


Well thier login page is back up but I'm still not getting in...
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Anything McAfee.. ask Peter...!

A (free) call to their Customer Support center will correct that in a jiffy. All accounts are self-renewing unfortunately - it's in the (very) small print when you sign up. Fortunately they also have a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Customer Service:
For N. America:
You may call toll-free 1-866-622-3911 8am - 8pm Central Time, select the option that best meets your needs, and they will be able to assist you.
or 1-866-897-9325 press 4 then 0 gets you right to that department I think.

Or you can use the online chat client: CHAT
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Thanks a lot Peter. I didn't know that was thier new policy, but even if it is I'm still baffled how it would have went through with the purchase. This is an account I haven't used since 2006-2007 (I think anyway... I got like three-four different accounts for the family lol) and I doubt the payment information is current.

And thanks for the number. I couldn't seem to find it on thier site. Guess they want you to go through the whole nine yards before providing it to you...
The quickest way to the contact information is to go to the forums then look at the top of the page...Technical Support and Customer Service, the second one is what you need in this case.
Well its just as I thought. Managed to get into the account today and sure enough every subscription ever purchased has auto-renew turned off yet they took it upon themselves to renew the service anyway :frowning:

Luckily a quick little chat with them fixed it :smile:
LOL, I hardly think that they are that desperate for business that they would reactivate dormant accounts, however anything is possible I suppose.
Glad it's sorted out.
I'm a moderator at their forums so any questions don't hesitate to ask.
Peter, is there anyway to completely wipe out a mcafee account or do I haft to go through customer support? I want to delete the old account that was giving me problems and switch the new account over to the old account's e-mail address since only one e-mail address can be associated. Right now, the familys using an e-mail of mine for thier subscription and I'd like to switch it back over to thier e-mail if possible...
Not really. Best to call them (toll free). Main number is 1-866-622-3911 8am - 8pm Central Time but try 1-866-897-9325 press 4 then 0 should get you right to where you want to be.