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I have just installed and configured up myself a MediaWiki driven Wiki on my website.

Now to my issue. I have a special character in the Wiki's title and it seems to be erroring out. It is giving me �tharn as the name. idk what exactly the issue is. :frowning: the name works fine in the LocalSettings.php file i have when editing my settings. It also only seems to be an issue with the name when it is put into the page name and on links in the wiki. (picture 1)

Also wondering if the Favicon is coming up as it should. (picture 2)

Thankies in advance. It's all still so new to me XD

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Looks like a limitation in the wiki, unless there's a setting somewhere to allow it to be displayed correctly. For example in mine I can't post any links with spaces in them (It automatically replaces %20s with +s). If it was free than that probably explains why you're having problems.


Ok, you might be able to get it to work by entering the character in hex or decimal: &#<decimal or hex or character_name>. Say you wanted a euro character. The hex for it would be inputted like this: &#x20AC
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Yeah i had time to look it up today in school (internet isnt fast enough at home).

and it's Free, but its the same Wiki software Wikipedia uses. well... minus all their dev's and coders XD

Thanks Justin! :smile:

Post Script: the Favicon seems to be working now too!! WOOT!