Medison Celebrity


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this site has now become my "people's" lol

i would like to know what you think CG about Medison Celebrity's $150 laptop, a friend of my here in college showed this too me

i was just wondering, i see alot of scam crap on google search and i have just opened up, but not looked at the wiki for them

heres the site:

Medison Celebrity

i know you have super powers greater then mine in your computer, please help me, i do need a cheap laptop for school, my gaint old timie monitor and mid tower are not something i can bring to class

thank you
Hey, hey - we're honored!

I'm afraid that laptop is a scam though, sorry to have to say.

While the price is "about right" for the specs (extremely low, btw), several Google searches reveal that no one seems to have received the laptop after paying for it.

You're best off sticking to eBay or other well-known retailers... You can get laptops for pretty cheap off eBay, and you can get some darn good deals too.
^ okaydokay

yeah i read about all there crap on wiki lol

im running very low on money now lol college is expensive and this is a pretty low ppriced school (5500 tuition/room and board... i had to pay for book :frowning: )

ill look into ebay, i shouldnt shop on the internet lol