Messed up my Boot Record...


Well originally I had windows vista installed on my laptop. Lately i've been looking into different OS's and different computers and wanted to try OSX on my pc. While this was fairly unsuccessful, after I had given up with trying to install OSX I tried to reboot my computer and load in Vista, although to my surprise my computer won't let me boot into anything now.

My problem is that my laptop is HP and them being cheap, did not supply me with recovery cd's, and the method to make them on the computer was not working. I'm wondering if there is some way to restore my boot record without the need of a vista cd. I can't boot into any OS at the moment, thanks
The only topin might be thru a LiveCD like Ubuntu or Knippox. But you will most likely need a DVD to do it. Guru will be able ot help you out just a bit more as he has more knowledge than i do when it comes to booting.
Windows Vista SP1 has a "create a recovery disc" feature - I'm going to install Vista, make the disc, then save it as an ISO and upload it to the site, because way too many people are using Dell and HP PCs and have this problem.
If you could upload that .iso it would be a godsend! The only way I can boot into windows is if I use a super grub disk and boot from partition, although thats kind of half-backwards to do it every time you reset your computer.

btw, can find the super grub disk here: Super Grub Disk Webpage: Download
Yeah, we actually host a mirror on our NeoGrub page at NeoGrub - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki :smile:

It's a super-helpful utility to have.. especially when you absoloutely need it ;0

You'll have to give me some time on the Vista thing, I don't even have room for Vista on my HD at the moment - unless someone else can send me the iso, in that case I'll host it ASAP.
Well i can install SP1 and create a ISO if you need me to. Just have to figure out how i can send it to you.


I currently have SP1 installing right now. After that i will make the ISO image and figure out how to get it to you Guru.

Just 1 question...wont this make a image of my stuff??? Or is this jsut a thing like the VIsta DVD that i use???
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Thanks Mak. I can get you FTP access if that's fine by you?

Windows Vista SP1 has a new feature called a system recovery cd (in system tools in accessories) that gives boots into the section of the Vista DVD called "Repair my PC" or whatever.

Basically, what you get after you select "Repair my PC" from the Vista DVD, that has been "extracted" and put into its own CD.
I am creating it now. If you want to give me FTP so i can upload it that is fine. I will installed FileZilla.

That way you will have it. Just PM me the details. :wink:
Awesome, you guys are great! I'm sure many people including myself will greatly appreciate it!! Could some one direct me where to download the .iso, thanks!!
Patience my friend - he still has to finish making it and upload it to the FTP.
Then I have to host it on the HTTP server :smile:
Yes i am going to be uploading it within a hour. I am also uploading it to my site to help with the bandwidth. Cause i know this will take off and NeoSmart will get killed with hits for this. So i figured it would be nice to have 2 places to download it from.

Name: Vista_Recovery_Disc
Format: ISO (Created using MagicISO)
Size: 120MB

So give me about 2 more hours to get this uploaded to the 2 sites and i will get Guru all the info and the ISO and when he gets it he will post it up for you. Then you will be all set. Sorry for the delay. Been a long night with my baby. Teething and all.


Alright Guru has the info. Just have to wait for him to get it ready for download and then you are all set. Enjoy.
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OK, thanks solely to Mak it's finally up :smile:

Links can be found at this page: Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

This page is the start of my "Repairing the Vista Bootloader" section in the Wiki. Expect it to change.

In the meanwhile, it has 4 different options:
* Fixing it with EasyBCD
* Fixing it with automated recovery (from recovery DVD)
* Fixing it with the command line (from recovery DVD)
* Fixing it with the command line the hard way (from recovery DVD)

Anyway, grab that iso and let us know how it goes.
All but the last section (the nuclear holocaust option :smile:) are complete.
Good work CG. Looks great. Glad to be of service and help out on this one. It wasnt solely done by me. I just created the file and sent it over. Nothing big. :grinning: