Mighty Mouse Lawsuit

That's the whole problem.

The other mouse company is claiming that CBS only owns the rights to "Mighty Mouse" when it comes to cartoons, and that they have the original rights for "Mighty Mouse" as it pertains to computer hardware.

So they're alleging that CBS sold the rights to "Mighty Mouse" as a computer hardware to Apple when (in their opinion) it wasn't their name to sell in the first place.
Doing that would be a violation. Same name spelling it different doesnt count. If is did you could release the IpOD as well.
Same thing. It is just word play. You would still get sued cause all you did was add letters to the name. IF you opened a fast food place with that name you would be in violation of copyrights.
oh okay is it illegal even if i make a McDonald in sadfghjhgfdertyhgfh (an unknown island off the coast of fiji)