migrating my current win7 to a new drive


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Hello. :smile:

I have been kinda stuck with this issue for a bit and I'm looking forward to a solution.

Currently, I have windows 7 on a 1tb drive. (was testing and I like it)
I have cloned the win7 partition to a new 320gb drive.
I'd like to split this 320gb drive in half and dual boot win7 32bit & 64bit

So far, I used the latest EasyBCD 2.0.

2 issues I'll be facing:

I booted into the cloned partition on the new 320gb drive,
BUT it is not drive C, its J. (err)
I have lived like this before in the past and it becomes a pain.
I'd like the drive to be C. Is this possible to change/correct?

In addition, The boot loader is located on the 1tb drive.
I'd like to wipe the win7 partition and dedicate that drive to personal files.
BUT, I have tried to boot from the 320gb drive,
and I get your standard nothing found error.

Any ideas how I could arrive at what I would like to architect here?

I have yet to install the win 7-64 bit yet,
b/c I didn't want to compound my issues any further. :tongueout:


Thanks, :smile:
Hi Ace, welcome to NST.
FIx a cloned OS that's accidentally changed letter with this registry hack. (Vista /W7 should be able to get just far enough to run regedit).
From the fixed system use EasyBCD 2 / diagnostics / change boot drive to copy the contents of the BCD into the newly renamed C: disk.
Put the fixed system first in the BIOS boot sequence.