Migration to SSD not working as hoped

Support Team,

I'm trying to migrate to an SSD. I have an Asus G75 with an internal 1TB drive as drive 0 and a 256GB SSD as drive 1. Partitions on zero include EFI, C:, D:, and System Recovery. There is nothing on the SSD.

When I attempt to change drives, EasyBCD either doesn't see a new drive and asked me to choose to put the boot on C or D or if I partition the SSD, I get an EasyBCD error indicating that I cannot setup boot on a drive that isn't primary.

My goal is to migrate everything off of drive 0 to the SSD, except for the D drive, so I can use that drive for data. Everything else on drive 0, including boot functions, loader, windows, etc, I would like to have on drive 1. I have Ghost 15 and plan to migrate the windows partition over, but it doesn't provide boot functions, so I feel extra stuck. Help would be greatly appreciated.

John Dunham


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I don't think Ghost 15 supports EFI from a quick internet search. You'll need to use a newer Partition Manager.