Mind Reader

That's an old math puzzle - the answer is always the same.

It doesn't make a difference what to numbers you pick, when you do the subtraction and look at the chart you'll get the same picture. Try it, take two different numbers, do the subtraction for both, and look at the pictures at the same time (don't press "try again").

They'll give you the same picture. It's the only possible solution, so he shows it to you.

When you press "try again," the "correct" picture is changed... so you won't get the same response, because the chart is not the same.
It is just a random generator. It didnt work for me. So that tells me that answer it generates is jsut a random one based off of some mathematical equation.
Are you sure? it's worked for me every time, and there's a mathematical (non-random) basis to it.
I have tried it 5 times with choosing the same number everytime. It doesnt work when i select that number. Even when i tried 5 more times it only got 2 right out of those 5. It seems to think that most of the time when you select a number you get a single digit when you add them together. When i have choosen high numbers like 70+ it has never worked.

But you are right on 1 thing. It is a random chart which is never the same. If you really take a look at it the symbol that comes up the most is usually the symbol that appears on the card. That is how i know right away if they will get my symbol or not. If i have a symbol that is not common on the chart you will beat the Mind Reader.


Here is a nother thing to ponder. Why do they give choices for answers up above 81? I mean think about it. Select a 2 digit number (Highest being 99) add them together (18) and then subtract them from your original number (99). That gives you a result of 81 yet they have symbols generated for numbers all the way up to 95. Makes you wonder why they generate sybmols for those numbers...
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Good point.. maybe it's just to "pretend" that they're not doing that?

I just tried it for 72, 84, 96 and it worked :\


They're basing it on the assumption that a two-digit number minus the sum of its digits is always a multiple of 9:

56 - 11 = 45 == multiple of 9
72 - 09 = 63 == multiple of 9
41 - 05 = 36 == multiple of 9

So then they take all mulitples of 9, give them the same picture. then they show you the picture that they put for all multiples of 9.
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I can't see this page for some reason (shock wave flash player needed perhaps), but from your discussion it seems that you're talking about the old stage magician's mind reading trick, "Think of a number, add something, multiply by something etc etc .. now take away the number you first thought of", the whole thing being designed to get you to do a number of calculations which ultimately eliminate the variable (your random input) and end up with the same result.

In this case a two digit decimal number xy is properly expressed as 10x+y. If you then subtract the sum of the digits x+y this becomes 10x +y -x -y = 9x (ie the second digit is of no significance) and you will always end up as Guru says with a multiple of nine, nine times your first digit.
Actually this one is much simplier.

First step think of a 2 digit number. (example 43)
2nd you add those 2 digits together. (example 4+3=7)
3rd you subtract that total from original number (43-7=36)

Then it gives you a chart of numbers with symbols and it shows a card with the most repeated symbol.
4+2 = 9 - 42 = 33

didnt get my number lol :tongueout:

I'm not sure what number you picked, but it would be something like
<pick "42">
42 - (4+2) = 36 (which is a multiple of 9)
therefore he wins.

like your new signature, btw.
Who wants to bet that I can guess the number in his mind! :grinning:

Okay, lets start the game.

- Imagine number, ANY number you want.

And don't tell me, just imagine it and tell me that you want to continue the game, and I'll tell you which number you had in mind :smile: And its REAL. I knew about this since a long time I'll try to remember how it goes. :ldown:
Great! :grinning:

Terry gives you that much more (number you imagined + same number, so you have double of your imagined number) Calculate that, don't tell me and we can move on. :smile:

idk i just know it doesnt really work :tongueout:

thank you guru ^_^ i made it for another forum im on for Warhammer 40K

those are pictures of my army of choice