Missing Boot Manager


was running both Windows XP and Vista Business with no problems until I decided to "clean up" the root directory. Unfortunately I apparently deleted some key files that were part of the Vista Boot Manager. I was able to get XP running by using the repair console on the XP CD. I used FIXBOOT AND FIXMBR. I also rebuilt the Boot.ini file. The system currently boots up with the XP dual boot function. If I choose XP, it loads normally. If I choose Vista, it does not. From what I have read, this is normal. Vista cannot be loaded using XP's boot loader.

When I use EasyBCD to reinstall the Vista Boot Loader and then reboot, I get the Missing Boot Manager message. The only way to get back to XP is to run the Repair console again.

Are there some files missing for the Vista boot loader? If so, what are they and how can I get them back?

BTW - XP and Vista are on the same physical drive. XP is installed on logical drive C and Vista is listed as being on logical Drive E.
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