Missing Boot MGR after Vista SP1 Update

Okay, this could get long. First let me tell you how this started: I downloaded a Vista SP 1 update.
Computer crashed. Spent over 2 weeks on the phone with HP Tech support to fix the original problem. I can't remember what it was now....

We went through:
1. Attempted Restore
2. Attempted Recover
3. Recovery Discs (boot mgr missing error)

Two sets because the first set had errors, so did the second set. When I called HP about this a technician actually told me that the cds for my computer are known to have errors and that the cds should still complete if I left the errors alone?! :::TOTAL SHOCK!::: Well, they didn't and after them I was stuck with this dumb "Missing Boot MGR error message"

From there we tried:
4. Harddrive short and extended tests
5. Short and extended harddrive erase (ugh!)
6. HP Level 5 Technician
7. Had a harddrive test done at Firedog as well, nothing wrong with the harddrive.

No one can help. HP says to send the computer in but it's not under warranty. There are LOTS OF PEOPLE having this same issue on HP and other brand computers. Surely there is a fix somewhere!

Please, someone know of a fix available? I had Windows Vista Home Premium on my HP Media Center PC (m8100n)

I'm left with a fairly expensive, not very old piece of useless metal. It would cost more to send it in to HP and pay for parts and labor and postage there and back than to replace the system with something else... I bought it refurbished, never again.. not because of the computer but because it doesn't have a warranty. I love the computer itself outside of the fact that Ive had this happen.

It's fast, it's easy to use, it's a nice upgrade from what I had... but Vista crashed it and I'm not sure how to fix it. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance...
Sarah Marie
Okay, maybe I'm blind but I read everything but can't find where I actually download this? Also, can I write it to a cd since I obviously cannot access MY COMPUTER. I'll need to download it here and then burn it to a cd and then hope that it will boot when my computer starts before it gets to the "boot mgr missing" screen, which is right after the HP invent screen. I think I need to do option 1 since my vista recovery failed. My computer didn't come with the Windows Vista CD (of course!!!!!!!) so if this doesn't work I don't know what else to do. Thanks so much for your help. Now if only I could find where to download it and give it a try....

Okay, I found it and downloaded it directly to cd. It worked on this computer, lets hope it works on mine... I'll let you know. TIA.


Yah okay I'm missing some steps somewhere. How do I get a computer that won't boot to read a cd? LOL! There has to be something I do to open the EasyBCD. But it's not in the instructions for Option 1. It just says to open it, doesn't say how. Ugh, I hate computer problems.
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When you switch the power on, the first splash screen you see from the BIOS, should say somewhere Press "del" or some other key to enter the BIOS settings.
Find the option inside the BIOS to set the CD/DVD drive before the HDD in the boot sequence.
Save the options and boot the system again with the downloaded recovery disk in the tray, then follow the instructions in the wiki that Mak pointed at, to "repair my computer" then "repair startup". You'll probably need to do it 2 or 3 times as Vista only repairs one thing at a time apparently.