Missing Bootmgr Fixed Here In Seconds Easy!

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That article is not a fix for anything. Sorry. All you talk about is the BIOS and making the drive bootable. That does nothing. First what if your C: Drive is not your boot drive. Mine is my Vista drive which is the 2nd partition on my first hard disk. Vosta recognizes itself as C but XP sees it as D where XP is my first partition on my first drive.

That doesnt include my Ubuntu isntall which is 3rd partition on the first hard drive. So how would making the C: Drive bootable in this situation make the bootmgr missing fixed? IT wouldnt do anything but cause a NTLDR issue cause it would try to boot XP when that is not the system that is controlling the boot at all.

You fix is only for a prebuilt machine that has only 1 hard drive and 1 partition. Even then it is still iffy if it would even work. This would not explain things like a part of the boot process getting corrupted from a dodgy software install or spyware or basically anything.

You fix is not that at all. Your solution is only a issue for people who are using EasyBCD who multiboot and have multiple drives and partitions. To say make the C: Drive bootable wont fix anything. Which C: Drive? My XP drive which is C or Vista which is also C: depending on which you boot into. But they are also both D: drives as well. So how do you make the connection as to which C: Drive it is. What if you are a avid Linux user. There is no C: Drive. There is a File System Drive. There is a swap drive. There is no C: Drive.

Sorry but your "Fix" is anything but. I have jsut given several examples as to how it wont work or how it can be very complicated. I am going to remove your reference to this "fix" in other threads cause it is anything but. Sorry for being so harsh. But this is what happens when you multiboot across multiple platforms. There is no clear cut solution and each situation must be dealt with indivually. To give this as a clear cut solution for everyone is wrong as it will cause more damage than good for many users who use EasyBCD.
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