missing file on vista recovery


Hi to everyone.

yes I am new here and I've run into a bit of trouble with the recevory download.

I've download the 32 - bit version because I am pretty sure that is what I have. I followed the directs on making a iso image disc (dvd) and everything works fine until I go to install, it seems to be missing INSTALL.WIM.

what I am trying to do is bring my laptop back to vista. it crashed about 6 monthhs ago and I have tried everything to bring it back up and running . I tried the manufacturer and they were no help as my warranty had ran out some time ago. My system is a Mirus, if anyone is familiar with that. So I succumbed and downgraded to xp pro...which works for the most part but it doesn't recognize certain "vista only" hardwear (ie wireless net card) which seems weird to me. I found my old drivers for the laptop but the ones for the wireless card don't seem to gel with xp. so now, I am here trying to figure out how to bring my laptop back to vista.

Can I do a clean install with this recovery disc?

am I doing something I don't see?

just any help would be awesome.

Hi SC, welcome to NST.

On the wiki page about using the recovery disk, is a prominent note.

IMPORTANT - You CANNOT use this disk to Install or Re-Install Vista. IT CONTAINS NO INSTALLATION FILES
The "Install now" button on the main screen will NOT work.

The disk only contains the recovery environment to fix a broken boot. It isn't a free copy of Vista.

Do you still have the OEM recovery partition on your PC which can be used to do a factory reset ?

If not, your only cost-free option is to borrow a Vista DVD from a friend. (any flavour - it doesn't matter, every version is on there, the key tells setup which version to install depending on which type was paid for)

Install Vista from scratch, using the key from your PC not the one on the DVD.