Missing NTLDR now unable to boot XP/Vista from powering up PC


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I have ran succesfully Xp and Vista on a dual boot system for approx 3 months.

Drive 0 partition 1 XP

Drive 1 partition 1 Vista

the vista boot menu used to appear giving me the option of vista and older operating sysytrem (xp)

since i have had some problems with my graphics card (it started faillig) causing crashes, requiring switch off at the mains. now i have a new graphics card i find i get the missing ntldr press ctrl alt and delete, the only way i can get to the boot load is using utililties called UltimateBoot CD going down to boot first boot drive, and then it works fine. tried replacing the relevent files such as ntldr and ntdetect.

can easy bcd help with this (installed on Xp)

please help