Missing NTLDR



first, sorry for my English. I'll try to explain my configuration and I hope you can help me before I make a disaster.
I have a PC with dual boot with Windows XP and Windows 7 in two different HDDs. The HDD containing XP is a IDE drive and it is the first drive to start. And the disc containing W7 is a SATA drive.
Now I want to get rid of the XP and format this drive to use it for storing. If I disable in the BIOS the IDE drive I get the message "Missing NTLDR". And I get the same message if I set the SATA drive as the first drive to start.

I think that the way to solve this issue is:
a)Disable in the BIOS the IDE drive (or unplug it)
b)Set the SATA drive as the first drive to start (after dvd)
c)Use the recovery tool from W7 DVD and execute "bootrec /fixmbr" and "bootrec /fixboot"

Is it right?

Is there a simpler way to do this with EasyBCD using the booloader setup or BCD backup/repair? I´m not sure is the MBR is written in the WXP drive or the W/ drive.

Thanks in advanced for the reply and thanks for this great tool

Hi kiarozamorro,

thanks for your quick answer, but I'm not sure this is the solution for me. Perhaps I haven´t explained myself very good.
I can start both Windows XP and Windows 7. The problem with "Missing NTLDR" is when I disable or unplug the drive with Windows XP.
In your link, it says: "
Use this section only if you cannot boot into any version of Microsoft Windows. If you can boot into Windows, we highly recommend using our Recovering the Vista Bootloader with EasyBCD guide instead!"

Then i have gone to the link in that sentence, and I think that "Type 2" or "Type 3" can be the solution for me.
Moreover, I have found a post with a similar scenario

Am I right?

Thanks again
OK, then you need to convert your Windows 7 disk to the boot disk.

EasyBCD 2.0 -> BCD backup/repair -> Change boot drive

Be sure to set the 7 disk as the startup disk in the BIOS afterwards.