Missing Operating System at boot, bcdedit not working

So heres the beginning.
This is an hp laptop with windows 8 installed and grub hacked up to boot when I hit boot from cd drive.
Grub wouldn't boot so I tried to repair it with my super grub disk.
But I accidentally hit the win > !WIN! + MBR

Now windows won't boot.
So what I do is I boot my windows 8 disk into command prompt advanced repair.
I then run bootrec /Fixmbr
bootrec /Fixboot
these return succesful.
But when I type in bootrec /rebuildbcd
I get system device cannot be found
(or something like that)
It detects windows on C:
but throws the error
(I have 8 partitions, 2 linux, 1 windows, 3 stock recovery/hp/windows boot(128 mb), 1 swap, and one for extra data)

So my next option would be to install windows 8 to some unused space (I have 30 gb unformatted)
Then run easybcd from that.
And apparently it won't install to a gpt disk.

So then since I can use my super grub 2 disk to detect operating systems I can boot into Ubuntu (LInux 3.13 rc1

So I can type this but when I try to boot into "windows vista" from the detect OS option it says Something about boot configuration data being corrupt or unreadable. /boot/Bcd
All of the files are in the /boot folder as they should be.
But it just won't boot to 8.
I currently get Operating System cannot be found when I try to boot regularly.

So what im looking to do is use my copy of easybcd.


It says it supports win pe with .net 2.0 but where can I find this.
What are my other options?
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