Missing Operating System Error


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I hope someone can help me on this. I performed a clean install of Vista Ultimate. My very first attempt was in my system with 2 new SATA drives. After I installed, I received the "BOOTMGR is missing" message. After some research, I reinstalled with only 1 drive. Successful install! Then I shutdown, added the second drive and am now receiving the missing OS message. If I disconnect the second drive, system boots fine.

With the second drive connected, I tried the Bootrec /fixmbr and Bootsect /nt60 commands documented in other posts. Those commands were successful, but when I tried bootrec /rebuildbcd, it could not find any windows installations.

BTW, with the second drive connected, I can boot into Vista if I have the installation DVD in the DVD drive. In that scenerio, I used the "write MBR" option in EasyBCD. Still no luck.

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Hi Dave, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Can you switch the two drives around and try to boot?