I have an HP PC running Vista 32 bit OS with a 3 SATA Drives. The computer started acting funny and would not boot so I ended up putting of all things a 60GB IDE drive with Vista installed on the drive. So now the only way I get the PC to boot up correctly is to have this 60GB IDE drive set as the 1st drive in the boot sequence. I have tried formatting the other drives with fresh copies of Vista but for some unknown reason I can only get it to boot with this IDE drive. if I remove the IDE drive or move it down the boot sequence list then the system pops up with missing operating system error.

I found the EasyBCD program and followed the instructions but then my 60GB drive would not boot so I put the Vista CD and did a repair so at least I am back to where I started.

Any idea how to fix the missing operating system error on those other drives? is the partition missing, corrupted or is it something to do with the controller? I have no idea it's very frustrating and I am at my wits end. why can't I boot off those other drives?
That did the Trick! Much Appreciated!

I had originally installed fresh copies of the OS so I am wondering what happened? How come I was not able to boot from those drives? Was the partition missing or did I not activate something?


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If you install a copy of Windows to one partition and another partition on the same drive is "active", or if there is another HDD with an "active" partition at a higher priority in the BIOS boot sequence, the new copy of Windows will put its boot files in the active partition.
That's standard MS architecture which results in automatic dual booting if the new OS is not an older type (e.g. XP after Vista).