Missing operation system


Hi, this morning when I turned on my computer I got this error message: Missing operation system.

So now I have burned the repair cd and trying to get it to work. My problem is that the vista installation can't be seen on the list and it want me to choose a driver for my hardware. I didn't choose any driver and just pressed next and it has started to repair, but I'm guessing that in order for this to work I should be able to choose windows vista and then repair that?

Any solutions here, or am I doing this the wrong way?

Any help would be highly appriciated.
Hi lakru, welcome to NST.
Unfortunately, it seems you may have accidentally formatted (or deleted) your OS partition, and so consequently, you will need to reinstall. :frowning:
I kind of came to that conclusion aswell, but hoped that there maybe was a solution.
So now I have another question. The two harddisk is set up for RAID, is windows installed on one of them or both? Cause maybe I could get half of my data back?
If you're running in RAID 0 the data should be mirrored. Switch the boot sequence in your BIOS to boot from the other hard drive.