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Mostly Harmless
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Hello Everyone,

You may have noticed that a couple of posts are missing - unforunately NeoSmart Technologies was DDOS attacked earlier today, and we were forced to restore the Forums database to the condition around 8 hours before, so a couple of posts were lost.


I'm really sorry that those posts are gone, and unfortunately I don't have a way to get them back. As far as I can tell, there were only 3 replies that vanished - really sorry.
I was just reading about it on my Vista sidebar news headlines gadget...that's too bad. I know that this isn't the way you like hitting the headlines, but earlier on I noticed your article on hiding Vista from XP using Neogrub also headlined on the gadget - twice in one day!.

Thanks for sharing that, Peter :smile:

Everything is alright now, and our webhost (Lunarpages, awesome service, can get anyone get anyone who needs hosting a good deal there too) was very kind about it. We've been moved to a "bounce zone" where we have more control over the incoming connections :smile: