Missing Windows 7 boot option


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Have dual boot Win 7 / Ubuntu (12.04) Studio (uses Xfce 4.8). Used Neosmart to set up the windows boot loader instead of grub. Hadn't used Ubuntu in a while. Ran lots of updates. After restarting, it boots straight to Ubuntu. No Windows boot option. Did it re-install the boot loader? I don't use Linux much, so I'm a bit behind the curve. Need Windows back! Most of the software I use, needs it.


All right. Problem solved. I used a Windows 7 repair disk (that I created off of another pc), which didn't see a problem. But going to the command prompt from there allowed me to run BootRec and used it re-write the MBR on the windows partition. Before that I used diskpart to select the windows partition and make it active (not sure if this step was necessary). Now booting to Windows and I will probably get rid of the Ubuntu partition on this machine (probably will use it elsewhere).

This may have trashed the Ubuntu installation (I don't think so, but I don't care).