MOOTMGR image is corrupt. (i have followed steps on website)


Sorry... I meant Bootmgr...

I am getting a "BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot."

I have followed the three different ways to repair the bootmgr and I am still have the same problem. I ran into one obsticle while following the instructions. When it said to "del c:\boot\bcd" it said that it couldnt be found. I basically skiped this step and moved on. Everything else worked.

Is there anything I can do to get my computer to boot?? Please help.

Thank you.
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Hi cheesse, welcome to NST
So the bcd store is gone according to the steps you tried. If bootmgr is still there at the root of c: (c:\) go ahead and delete it since its saying its corrupt and than do startup repair 2 or 3 times from the recovery disc/your Vista DVD to fix everything.
startup repair

I have attempted to do startup repair and it hasnt worked. Everytime I run it it tells me there is no problems found

I have also followed the steps outlined on Neosmart's wiki. I opened the command prompt and started the first two lines which were successfull. When I attempt to "del C:\boot\bcd" it says that it could not find C:\boot\bcd.

Any ideas?

Its says its not found cause its actually not there. Delete bootmgr if its present at c:\ and than do the startup repair. It sounds as if your bootmgr file is coruppted.
Still having problems

Ok i have tried to delete bootmgr but it says it could not find it. and start up repair does not work.

Any ideas?

You said you tried the manual command line method for repair, so a re-install might be necessary at this point. Start copying your files if you don't have backups. Have you tried system restore?