Mosquitos/people under 25


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I saw this article a sceond ago. Wanted to know what you guys think. It is pretty old but this is the first i heard of that sound used like this. I knew there was this sound that could only be heard by people under 40 but this is different i guess:
BBC NEWS | UK | Mosquito device divides opinion

Anyways i would think they should just keep it as a weapon if there are some rowdy people. No on all the time. Unless theyre trying to keep them away from the beginning.
:lol: - I clicked that link hoping to find a miracle device to end mosquito problems.. they've been driving me CRAZY.

I tried keeping all my windows closed (yes, in this stifling 95-degree heat) and they still keep coming like crazy.. I guess they're breeding indoors somewhere; though I have no idea how/where/WHY....

Back on topic: interesting device; I don't see why it's that controversial though. It's definitely got to be annoying if you're not doing anything wrong and it's sounded off as a result of others nearby though.
Yea it works, there is one buy my house, there used to be a load of kids that hung round there now there isn't. Thing is the sound has to be played from the unit an not a normal set of speekers to to work right. I am 22 an only hear a light buzz but it's not that annoying but kids walk past it an shout "What the hell is that?" my dog doesn't like it either.
i know that there is a phone application that is supposed to disperse mosquitoes it goes ztzttztztztztzttztz
I highly doubt it - the Hz range for phone speakers is extremely limited - they only cover a subset of the audible sound spectrum (what humans can hear) - though some of the higher-scale "music" phones like the N7x and N95 series have speakers as good as a decent sound set, even those can't really produce the kind of extremely-high frequency sound waves needed to drive-off animals or insects.

At any rate - if you can hear it (ztt ztt) then it's definitely not doing it's job.

To the best of my knowledge, mosquitoes are deaf; and are only attracted to heat and CO2 - despite popular belief, mosquitoes are not attracted to light; and "mosquito zappers" (those electric bug killers) don't actually mosquitoes, only moths, flies, and just about every other insect that's driven towards the light which unfortunately does not include mosquitoes.
No it's not on all the time but it's on after 8:30 at night till around midnight, I can hear it but only slightly but kids i know have said it's very very loud an unpleasant enough to make them not want to go near it. untill i am in the shop i don't take my headphones out.

Oh guru have you tried accitone to keep the mosquitoes away I used to put a capfull by a open window an it seems to keep them away.
Saxon, I shall certainly try that (though I'll have to go buy some acetone first..... don't even have any nail polish remover around the house ATM).
It's a off licence (alcohol shop) but there is a public park an a bus stop near by so it's a focal point for young miscreants of all types. Funnily i just come back from there an the entire area was empty of any one under the age of 20. I took my headphones out an stood there for a few minutes an i can attest to how effective it is it builds up like a loud high pitched ringing / buzz in your ear most unpleasant i am normally in an out an that was the longest it have stopped outside there for a long time an i don't plan on doing it any time soon.
nice tip about the acetone i know that some outdoor restaurants places water inside plastic bags they say hat when the mosquitoes see its reflection multiplies (because of its many eyes) it flees
nice tip about the acetone i know that some outdoor restaurants places water inside plastic bags they say hat when the mosquitoes see its reflection multiplies (because of its many eyes) it flees

Really??? I've never heard that before. It sounds easy enough to give it a try. Hope you're right! :tongueout:
Yup, there's one by my local supermarket. It's been smashed to pieces once by a kid in frustration, so they put a huge electric metal cage over it :lol:

Unfortunately I can still hear it quite well, and it's horrendous to actually watch babies and toddlers cry because of it. Unfortunately, that's the way things are going at the moment -- it must be bad if businesses are having to treat youths like insects...