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today at around 6:00 website time i had my hopes up for breaking the most users online record but alas it was not to be i saw the numbers dropping before my eyes from 128 to 101 to 95 to 87 as we all know the record is 131 i was hoping the record would be broken with me going into master apprenticemenship but too bad i was actually considering open more tabs just to raise it but were not cheaters. just thought i mught point out that we were this close to breaking the record bye all
You can have 400 tabs open. It will still only count as one. As your IP address will only be counted once. The 131 record was 131 unique IP addresses at the site at the same time. So while you could personally open 400 tabs. It wont affect that numbers. :wink:
is it just me or is the number of active users dropping alarmingly??????????
this calls for drastic measures
^ also you must understand that most are anon, most are not "real" users, but guests, so i dont really count them to the total myself, but thats just me ^_^

or they could be something much worse... BOTS! lol
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No, the "active users" is actual members only.

Most of our visitors come here to search for solutions to their problem, and if they find it, they don't need to register or post.
yeah one of the major setbacks is that man kind can't be trusted to post without going through the trouble of making an account ( i don't mind) so that kind of discourages people from asking unless they really need help
Which is actually better in many ways....
Obviously they found their answer, or they would have posted. Which means if they did post, it would have been a repetitive question that's already been answered and therefore a waste of time and effort for all involved, if you catch my drift.

well said long live mankind!!! and (can you believe i neosmart isn't in the dictionary) you should get too