Movie Maker And Media Center

toxic chicken

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in beta 2, they worked fine for me. but since rc1, media center has crashed and movie maker says my video card isn't supported.

i still have all my beta 2 files on a seperate drive. is there any way i can copy movie maker/media center from either that or xp?
No, you can't "port" MCE from XP to Vista.

Try updating your graphics drivers that might help.
Try installing the XP drivers - it'll temporarily kill WDDM and Aero, but you can see if that's the problem - if it is it means you just have to wait for Intel to release their official accelerated Vista WDDM drivers.
i installed it, restarted, and got a black screen.

i got it to use the windows update drivers again, and it's exactly like it was before the xp drivers.
i won't have this problem for a while. i just closed my laptop's lid, like i've done hundreds of times before, and the video card exploded. no video card, no driver problems. :smile: